Top 20+ Short and Funny Adult Sex Jokes

It’s okay, the children are not behind your screen?

It’s the story of a guy who has 5 dicks.

His underwear fits him like a glove.

What smells like feet, ass and teuch at the same time?

Tights rolled into a ball.

This is the story of a zoophile who gains momentum.

This is the story of the beheaded eunuch

A story without head or tail.

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Do you know the sperm cry?

Well next time, instead of swallowing, you crunch.

It’s the story of two whores arguing.

It’s the story of a hair.

Before he was fine, now he is pubic.

What is the difference between a rapper and a camper?

The rapper fucks your mother and the camper sets up your tent.

Do you know the definition of a sexual imbalance?

He’s a guy who gets hard and falls forward.

A left buttock meets a right buttock:

“Don’t you think it stinks in the hallway? »

Variant : “It’s going to suck between us. »

What do you call a statue condom?

A clay hood.

This is the story of the dwarf with 27 children

It’s short, but it’s good.

What is the worst moment in a chicken’s life?

When she goes from rooster to donkey.

A tampon says to a condom:

“- Be careful, if you break down we both find ourselves unemployed! »

What is the difference between men and snow?

None, we don’t know how many centimeters we will have and how long it will last.

Love is like cards:

If you are alone it is better to have a good hand.

Two men are talking on a bench:

“What would you do if today was the last day before the end of the world?

– I’ll fuck anything that moves, and you?

– Well then I wouldn’t move…”

What do math and sex have in common?

The more unknowns, the hotter it is.

Two women discuss:

“Do you smoke after sex? »

“I don’t know, I never looked. »

I have a joke about La Fistinière…

…but it is not ready

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