Top 20 secrets of everyday objects finally revealed, your life will change

Smile friends, there will be a before and after this top for all of you. The package of revelations that we are delivering to you on a plate will finally allow you to better know your surroundings, better control your daily life to finally take charge of your life and become a grown-up.

1. The small loop on the back of shirts

In case you suddenly want to drop the shirt as they say in the song, but without having a hanger on hand and being very afraid of crumpling it, a small rack and hop it’s folded. Or if you want to play it as a romantic old school American student, you can fire it to show that you are in a relationship. What no one except you will understand, therefore, but if you feel like mutilating your shirts for love, you do what you want.

2. The small cylinder on your computer charger

Already know that it has a nice name: ferrite bead. And this little pearl, by virtue of its composition -as far as I understand- hunts out radio interference which would cause unpleasant crackling during charging, because the small components in the computer would move under electricity. Hope you followed.

3. The tiny hole in the portholes

The porthole is made up of three panes: the one you can touch is made of plastic, the other two behind, made of glass, and the small hole is on the middle one. The pressure in the cabin is greater than that outside and all this pressure inside is therefore exerted on the interior window, but as we don’t want it to explode on us, the small hole makes it possible to pass on all the pressure at the last pane. If the latter explodes, we don’t care, we are still protected by another big tough glass window while we settle down. And in addition it allows to evacuate the interior humidity and therefore to admire the clouds without fogging.

4. The blue side of Maped erasers

We wonder why we are all convinced that it was to transfer the lines of pen or fountain pen (depending on the version) since we have all tried and failed so dryly. The truth is none other than what happens: the red side (this ball) often leaving traces will crack, someone had to take care of making them disappear. And so this is the mission of our little favorite side.

5. Extra eyelets on your sneakers

For those who use it for running, it’s rather practical to prevent your feet from wandering freely inside your shoes, and therefore rubbing, developing blisters by the thousands, or even your unstable ankle from breaks in two. For those who want to get the trick, this little video explains how to do it (it’s more complicated than putting the lace in it actually). And it’s the same for converse:

6. The hole in the spaghetti spoons

Now that we know that this spatula is designed specifically for pasta (first news), I hope that has given you a hint as to the usefulness of its hole. And yes friends, this hole is equivalent to a portion of noodles (to put in the hole, therefore) for one person. Wallah it will change my life.

7. The mini-pocket in the pocket of your jeans

Officially and according to the Levis site itself, it would be “a pocket for a pocket watch”, as if we were all walking around with pocket watches in the pocket next to our cell phone. Well yeah Levis, but they don’t do it to us, we know very well that it’s for condoms.

8. The hole in the cap of Bic pens

No, it’s not to whistle into it like goggles in math class, but to avoid choking to death when it slips down your throat. The small hole will allow air to pass through until help comes to save your clumsy little apple.

9. The pompom of the hats

Today, they no longer serve much purpose and are simply decorative, but before, pom poms were very useful for sailors. The small ball at the top of their cap allowed them not to bump into the ceilings of the ships which were very low. Well seen.

10. Notebook margins

Contrary to popular belief, the margins of notebooks were not invented so that teachers could put comments there. They were there to protect what was in the notebooks because the rats tended to nibble around them, those little bastards.

11. The little rivets on our jeans

These seemingly useless little metal buttons actually serve to consolidate certain fragile points of our pants. Without them, the seams in these places would jump out much too quickly. You can now thank yours.

12. The padlock hole

When you use a padlock outdoors, it can get wet. The small hole, it is used to evacuate rainwater, so that the padlock does not rust and does not become impossible to open with the key (that would be stupid anyway…)

13. The pot handle hole

It has two uses: it is used to hang pans on the wall, you already knew that, but it can also allow you to place your wooden spoon on it so as not to dirty a dish. You had to think about it.

14. Wooden hangers

When you buy good wooden hangers, they’re made from cedar wood, and for good reason: cedar wood naturally repels insects. It’s perfect if you want to prevent moths from eating your favorite clothes.

15. The little arrow on the gas gauge

The next time you arrive at a gas station and you no longer know which side your tank is on to fill up, take a look at your dashboard: the little arrow indicates the correct side. Why don’t they teach us that during driving lessons?

Gas gauge

16. The Hole in the Tab of Cans

If you want to drink your soft drink through a straw, you will find it boring because it will always go up because of the bubbles. But if you pass your straw through the hole in the tab, there, it does not come up anymore. On the other hand, please use cardboard straws and not plastic ones.

17. Heinz Ketchup 57

Heinz ketchup plastic bottles always have a small embossed “57”. In fact, this is where you have to press so that the ketchup comes out better. So before hitting the bottle like a nag when the sauce is stuck at the bottom, try pressing down there instead.

18. The brushes on the sides of the escalators

No, these hairs are not used to clean your shoes or to serve as a hobby for the few seconds you take the escalator. They are used to prevent your clothes or accessories from getting stuck between the steps and the wall. Basically, they kinda save your life.

Metal teeth and black brush

19. The hole for the spanners

It has several uses, but one of them is to be able to fit a screwdriver in there when you have to tighten very hard, or loosen a very hard screw to dislodge. Ok, you won’t need it every day, but it’s always good to know.

20. The little dark and white squares at the bottom of your toothpaste tube

These two small squares are not there by chance: they serve as indicators for the machine that cuts the tubes. That way, the blade has a good mark to know where to cut. It will never do you any good to know it, except to tell you about it at your next party.


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