Top 20 Rare Words Everyone Should Know

Everyone likes to learn new words to look smarter and say contemptuously to their friends “ah but you don’t know that word? Wait, let me explain to you”. As reading the dictionary is not a very fun activity, we have listed the most useful rare words listed by @LesMotsRares on Twitter. It’s still easier than going back to college.

2. Ataraxia

3. Oblativity

4. Kakistocracy

5. Infundibuliform

6. Petrichor

7. Issir

8. Compensatory

9. Anticipate

10. Ultracrepidarianism

11. Cautious

12. Atavism

13. Asyndetus

14. Primal Jumper

15. Ruderal

16. Labile

17. Love

18. Hiemal

19. Fesse Mathieu

20. Tavele

Now that you know lots of new words, you will also be able to learn the words that don’t exist and that you use every day (just to delete them from your vocabulary).

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