Top 20 Quebec expressions that we should import into France, and at the most crisse!

We always make fun of Quebecers for their original accent (by which we mean “ridiculous”) and their words that completely change their meaning, but deep down we like them. So good that we are ready to admit that they have pretty cool expressions that we want to steal from them. We did our little market in their bizarre language (this sentence is very strange, by the way).

2. “We calm down the pompom”

Meaning : We keep our cool.

Example : Guys, let’s take it easy. It’s okay, we just touched an iceberg, but the Titanic is unsinkable, right?

3. “You’re sitting on your steak”

Meaning : You are a big lazy.

Example : Look at you, you’ve been sitting on your steak all day watching the Angels instead of building yourself a respectable future.

Top 20 Quebec expressions that we should import into France
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4. “I have my trip”

Meaning : I have enough !

Example : It’s good there, the yellow vests and all that, I have my trip.

5. “Be quick on your skates”

Meaning : Start in a quarter turn.

Example : You as soon as we talk about abolishing the ISF you are quickly on your skates.

6. “The deal is ketchup”

Meaning : It’s fine, we did everything we had to do.

Example : The case is ketchup, when do we have a drink to celebrate?

7. “You have the fly in the air”

Meaning : You forgot to zip your fly.

Example : Your presentation to the boss on the risks related to the implementation of HL/VP procedural systems in a multi-ethnic environment was very good, but you had the fly in the air.

8. “Naking nails”

Meaning : Nodding, dozing (because when you sit and doze, your head falls forward like a hammer on a nail).

Example : I spent the day nodding off yesterday and couldn’t finish my report on bulgur in spaghetti bolognese.

9. “Hare skins fall”

Meaning : It is snowing heavily.

Example : Look outside, hare skins are falling, it’s pretty. (Yes, that’s fine, you can’t be inspired every day.)

10. “OPC”

Meaning : OPC = “as soon as possible” = “as soon as possible” = “As Soon As Possible” = “ASAP”

Example : The file on market logic relating to pre-Columbian company vehicles, please send it to me OPC.

11. “The boss of the becosses”

Meaning : The authoritarian boss.

Example : It’s time we overthrew this boss of Emmanuel Macron’s pranks.

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12. “Split Your Ass”

Meaning : To get tired, to give oneself trouble.

Example : I’ve been splitting my ass for ten minutes explaining Quebec expressions to you.

13. “Passing a tree”

Meaning : Get tricked, get scammed.

Example : I think he gave me a Christmas tree: the cat he sold me is all pink and has a corkscrew tail.

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14. “Pack the Strawberry”

Meaning : party to excess

Example : With Michel, we packed strawberries, I will never drink Manzana again.

15. “Don’t let go of the potato”

Meaning : Hold on, hold on.

Example : Don’t let go, you’ve almost completed your marathon, you only have 38km left.

16. “Fart from the brew”

Meaning : Lather (brew, in Quebec, it’s a foam, in the sense of “beer”) =;

Example : You hear the other when he tells us that he met Orelsan on his electric scooter near the Saint-Martin canal, he’s freaking out.

17. “Have lead in the pencil”

Meaning : Having intense sexual activity.

Example : My dad, since he’s no longer with my mom, he’s got some lead in his pencil.

18. “Get plenty of it”

(be careful, you have to pronounce the final “s”, case’ being the diminutive of helmet).

Meaning : To be at the end of the line

Example : My girlfriend spends her time showing me videos of little dogs, I’ve had plenty of them.

19. “Talking Through Your Hat”

Meaning : Speak indiscriminately.

Example : If there’s one thing I can tell you about Jean-Claude, it’s that he talks through his hat whenever he gets the chance. Ha ha, this Jean-Claude, he’s a bit stupid all the same.

20. “Have the female dog”

Meaning : To be scared (or to be lazy).

Example : You have the female dog to join me in front of Gare du Nord for a 1 vs 1 huh?

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