Top 20 pictures that will speak to anyone who grew up in the 2000s

If you’re under 20, you’re not going to understand this top filled with typical 2000s stuff. very weird. And to us, the images that will follow, they remind us of lots of memories. So, ready for time travel? Get out your tamagotchis and 3D glasses, let’s go.

2. We all put xXx in our nicknames

Nobody :

Millennials after adding xXx before and after their nickname: “Welcome to Cool-Ville”

3. We wore chunky skater shoes.

“This is what you all looked like when you wore DC, Ethnics, Osiris and Vans back then. »

4. We wrote lyrics from bands we liked on our shoes.

I had written Blink-182 lyrics on my Eastpak bag, I assume.

5. We shared Chuck Norris Facts

Don’t ask us why, it was like that.

7. We debated without irony on totally stupid stuff

Who is stronger between pirates and ninjas? Between Batman and Superman? Between JCVD ​​and Jackie Chan?

8. We put all our party and travel photos in big Facebook albums

“Does Generation Z know that we used to upload 90 photos to a Facebook album after each party? They would be so mortified for us. »

9. When we had no internet we played Windows pinball

It was the war with the brothers and sisters to have the best score on the family computer.

10. We had CD-Roms offered in cereal packets

Often it was big crap, but sometimes there were nuggets, demos of too good games like Heart of Darkness Where spyfox.

11. We all had a big webcam like this next to the computer

And we all had an extra Logitech.

12. We put our whole life on Skyblog

With ugly pictures of our animals, of course.

13. It was a hassle to put music in mp3 players

You had to find the songs (it was already quite complicated), convert them into mp3 files and then drag them to iTunes to finally be able to add them to the iPod. Duration of the manipulation with a shitty connection: about 3 hours.

14. And mp3 players looked like this

With this kind of file: “in_the_end_linkin_park_emule_download.mp3” (we were all Linkin Park fans, okay?)

15. We all played those games

Well, at least 3 or 4 what.

16. We wrote our text messages like this

At the same time no choice, there was a limited number of characters per text message. We really went through tough times.

Top 20 pictures that will speak to anyone who grew

17. We made compilations on burned CDs

And we had a whole pile of blank CDs waiting for their heyday next to the PC. And to store all that, we used CD sleeves, that’s logical.

18. We were all watching Morning Live


19. Our contact list on MSN Messenger looked like this

It was up to whoever put the most emojis and special characters in their status. Plus we were sending targeted messages, it was so ridiculous but those were the good old days.

20. And the list of MSN smileys was like this

It’s getting a bit old though.

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