Top 20 phrases to revive someone who ghosts you (and end up nabbing them)

There are the inaccessible crushes, like the celebrities that have made us all dream, and then… There is this guy or this girl with whom you have recently been talking. Too cute. But the thing is that the discussion is a little flat at the moment, and you don’t really know how to revive the thing… Here are some examples of things to say (or especially not to say) to rekindle the flame . Or embers. Or just try to light the fire, what.

1. Cc, how are you?

Efficiency : 1/20. Writing “cc” should result in a fine. On the other hand, you make the effort to correctly write “I’m fine”. That’s the only reason we gave a point to this raise. There. So we start with what not to say if you don’t want to bury all your chances.

Alternative : ” Hi, how are you ? », « hey », « cc resume? “. Either way, it’s catastrophic.

2. “What are you doing?”

Efficiency : 5/20. It only works if used sparingly (with whom??). Once or twice why not, but every day, it’s slightly oppressive for the interlocutor.

Alternative : ” What are you doing ? (supported version), “what do you do?” (bilingual version), “you do what? (version stays on French, brother).

3. “Do you have battery again? :)”

Efficiency : 3/20. We’re going to break the secret right away, if your crush tells you “I’ve run out of battery”, and he doesn’t write to you anymore, let it go. Already, in 2022, it is quite possible to send messages while charging your mobile. In the event that the scene takes place when he can’t afford to plug it in, he would have written to you once he got home. Really. Sent that 24 hours later, it’s a bit like telling him “hihihihihi stop bullying me. jtm. Love me “. It’s a bit creepy.

Alternative : “Do you have more battery?? (your crush probably just doesn’t want to talk to you. You have to accept it.)

Top 20 phrases to revive someone who ghosts you (and end up nabbing them)

4. “I have to tell you something”

Efficiency : 9/20. Chances are he’s curious (or her, I’m not going to specify it every time huh. I trust you to adapt the pronoun to your situation and orientation, thank you.) to know what you have so interesting to say! The thing is, well… You really need something to tell him. Or invent. But building a relationship on lies sucks.

Alternative : “Putain mais j’ai pas diiiiiiit” (the “putain” is optional, it’s my southern side).

5. “You’re dating”

Efficiency : 7/20. It’s not folichon as an expression. It’s a bit like “you’re outdated”. Not phew to seduce. Especially since if you send this message, it means that it’s been a while since you’ve heard from. A little complicated to hang up the wagons like that, but hey… It’s still better than nothing.

Alternative : “It’s been a while”: logically, you don’t teach him anything.

6. I thought of you, I saw [Insérer un truc qui a un rapport avec l’autre]”

Efficiency : 12/20. It’s cute. The thing is, it’s also most likely half a mytho… And he knows it! You’re more likely to have done some meme research on his favorite movie, than it’s popped up on your networks when you’ve never watched it.

Alternative : ” Looked ! It made me think of you”, “Hahahah ptdr my favorite moment of the movie, you too?? »

Top 20 phrases to revive someone who ghosts you (and end up nabbing them)
Picture credits: Topito

7. “I think I saw you in town”

Efficiency : 15/20. Efficient. First option: it was really him, and you can ask him “so, do you prefer white beers?? Shall we drink one tonight? Second option, he says to you “oh no, I’m somewhere else”, to which you can answer “what are you doing there? ” and voila !

Alternative : “Is that you with the black jacket and the white shoes on the Place du Cap?” You don’t get too wet since it’s what 90% of people wear, and it can work. On the other hand, if you’re sure it’s him, don’t overdo the details. “It’s you with the white t-shirt, embroidered on the left pec with a little red heart, faded blue jeans from such a brand, white shoes with red bands, steel watch, cognac leather strap and 2-day beard and half? ” It’s scary.

8. “Oops sorry, wrong recipient” (only works if you made sure to send another message before)

Efficiency : 12/20. He may respond something like “ahah” but complicated to raise again afterwards. For a slightly more unhealthy and manipulative side, you can opt for a first message like “I had a great time with you too. I can not wait to see you. It’ll probably make him jealous, but in general, it’s not the best way to flirt.

Alternative : “Sorry, I got the wrong Louis in my contact book. Not crazy.

9. “Nice your last post on Insta”

Efficiency : 14/20. Flattering his crush is a good option to get his attention. Be careful, however, not to send him a message every time he publishes. It’s obvious that you stalk him on the networks, but you don’t necessarily need to point it out to him.

Alternative : React to his story.

10. “Who’s the girl in your last photo? Your sister?”

Efficiency : 0/20. Scary. Unhealthy. Scary. Really.

Alternative : “Where do you post pictures with girls from?? » or how to burn all your chances.

Top 20 phrases to revive someone who ghosts you (and end up nabbing them)
Picture credits: Topito

11. “Have you tried to call me?” (while not)

Efficiency : 2/20. He will answer “No”. You will say “Ah well? Weird, I have a missed call from you. It will ask you for a screenshot. You will never answer him again. And you’ll block it out of shame.

Alternative : “Why did you call me?? », « I will answer you later, I am in a meeting ».

12. “So, your job interview?”

Efficiency : 17/20. A thoughtful, kind and benevolent message. The opportunity to prove to him that you are listening to what he tells you, and that you are worried about his future and the realization of his projects. Keep it up, you’re on the right track! On the other hand, for it to work, it must have actually passed an interview. Otherwise… Bah… It’s stupid.

Alternative : “Was that your date?? “, “By the way, what did your interview give? “, “Any news about your candidacy? »

13. “Why don’t you talk to me anymore?”

Efficiency : 7/20. It’s a little pitiful, and there’s more seductive than inspiring pain. Besides… You’re not sure you really want to know… But hey, the advantage is that you’ll be fixed. And you can move on. We don’t want to be defeatist, but chances are that this message marks the end of your discussion.

Alternative : ” Why are you not responding ? »

14. “Talk to Me”

Efficiency : 10/20. It’s quits or double. Either your interlocutor likes being told what to do and appreciates your strong character and your honesty. Or he doesn’t like the process at all, has no orders to take from anyone, and tells you to calm down very quickly.

Alternative : “Write to me”, “Check in on me”, “I’m waiting for your message”. A bit self-centered, though.

15. “Have you ever had covid?”

Efficiency : 11/20. It’s a hot topic and a way to find out a bit about his state of health. Be careful not to deviate on subjects that annoy such as the vaccine or the wearing of the mask. Also avoid going into too much detail, telling him that you had the same symptoms as for a big gastro is not necessarily the best way to tell him about yourself.

Alternative : “Damn I have COVID, I’m knocked out. You know what it is? », « Are you also one of those who are rejected by the pandemic? Personally, I will not reject you …………” (the proliferation of ellipsis is really important to create a bit of mystery).

Top 20 phrases to revive someone who ghosts you (and end up nabbing them)

16. “I’m eating pizza. Do you like pizza too?”

Efficiency : 14/20. Everyone loves pizza, so you’re not taking a big risk. On the other hand, this is the opportunity to point out to him that you have more in common than he thinks, and to germinate in his head the idea of ​​taking you to eat in an Italian restaurant. On the other hand, we advise you not to broach the subject to talk about tripous, sausage or cauliflower gratin.

Alternative : “I’m eating a pancake. Do you like pancakes too? », « I eat a hamburger. Do you like burgers too? »,… You understood the logic. A food that makes everyone agree, WE MAKE ITS BACK.

17. New logical sequence: “jhgcsjhsgkqhjv” then “oops, my cat walked on my phone hehe. Do you have a pet too?”

Efficiency : 9/20. He is not stupid. He knows. On the other hand, you can try to transform the shot into 1) passing it off as a blagounette hihihihi max fun 2) trying to draw his attention to the animal part too cuties cute love gnangnan

Alternative : “jhgcsjhsgkqhjv” then “oops, my goldfish walked on my phone hehe. Do you have a pet too? » ………. (the famous ellipsis proliferation).

18. “And if not, do you know how to lick your elbow?”

Efficiency : 16/20. Original, nice, funny, the opportunity to discover yourself in an unusual way. We love.

Alternative : “Do you know how to make clover with your tongue? »

19. “I checked the weather forecast, it’s going to be sunny tomorrow”

Efficiency : 9/20. Talking about rain and shine is ok, but when you’re 75 and you join your buddies at the bar for morning coffee. Note that now it is possible to find this kind of information on the screen of any smartphone. In 2 seconds. So blah, not phew to stand out. On the other hand, you present yourself as a caring person, who is of service and you may well initiate the proposal of a walk or a picnic together?

Alternative : “Too good, the weather is nice tomorrow :)”

Top 20 phrases to revive someone who ghosts you (and end up nabbing them)

20. “Didn’t I owe you twenty bucks?”

Efficiency : 14/20. If you really owe him money, for sure he will respond. It goes without saying that if he confirms, you claim not to have Lydia, Pumpkin, or others… And you offer to reimburse him in beer. This evening. Come on, come on, we take our courage in both hands and we try everything for everything.

Alternative : “I didn’t owe you ten bucks?? “. Works with all numbers.

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