Top 20 photos of people leaving work in style

We’ve all dreamed of walking out of a job that pushes us to the limit, but it’s not often as simple as that because good, like in 70% of American films about a character who tries everything to hold his head. out of the water we need this Mitchell job, with the bills and the kids it’s not easy you know. But there are still people who have had the opportunity to leave a job in style, almost like these resignations which have class but this time in photo.

2. Still a little pissed off

This product is for big idiots

Digital control panel

my boss is a jerk

I quit today

3. “This is a dinosaur drawing. This is also my two weeks notice.”

4. End of contract gift for his boss, very stylish

Resignation letter from Nino Gupana, Employee n°119

Dear Mr Raoul, the past five years have been absolutely brilliant. Huge thanks to Leo Burnett Manila.

5. At least there’s a real logic in the choice

I chose this type of paper to write my two weeks notice as a symbol of the regard this company has given me and ironically where I think this company will end up. Sincerely.

6. “I quit” “Me too”

7. Say it with a card

sorry for your loss

It’s me.

I’m leaving in three weeks.


8. “Exit 329 closed, it’s boring for you. But I got fired today so don’t count on me to help you.”

9. “My boss can change the panel himself, I’m out”

10. Best use of a whiteboard

Ok guys, that was really, really crap!!! Haha. Seriously, I learned so much working here for a year and a half. I learned who was stealing and how he was doing it. I learned who was cheating with the commission system, I learned who took drugs at work, I learned who knew about all this and covered it up. I learned the multitude of laws that this company does not respect. I learned that it’s time to change the marker. I learned that the worse you were at your job, the less you risked losing it. I learned all of this and more and thanks to the magic of the internet soon everyone will be learning these things too. Enjoy while it lasts.

PS: Can I still cite you as a reference in my CV?

11. Shorter but effective


I’m leaving

12. The automatic email response that does the job

I am currently out of the office and have no intention of returning.

13. Another pretty card to get the message across

I’m leaving you.

It’s not you it’s me.

It’s clearly you, not me.

You haven’t paid me enough.

14. Best starter cake

15. “See You Motherfuckers”

16. “We’ll meet again in hell”

17. With the little reference to H2G2

“See you next time and thanks for the fish. »

To understand it, you need the reference to the novel H2G2 by Douglas Adams, from which you were given the best quotes from Douglas Adams.

18. Cake really is the best option.

Dear Will,

My last day will be 29-06-12



19. Never forget the essential in the post scriptum

To whom it May concern


Ps: I still come to the Christmas party

20. “A former colleague hung pictures of himself all over the office when he quit. We just found this one on the back of a clock. He left two years ago.”

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