Top 20 People Who Don’t Understand Parody Articles, And It’s Funny

I prefer to warn you, this introduction will be as brief as my first time:

You probably all know here the funny articles of the Gorafi, of his American model The Onion or other satirical journals that twist reality to make it a bit funnier. Well there are people who don’t know. People who are regularly fooled by their parody titles and who take them at face value. Without qualms, I show you here this first degree team.

2. Basically, yes, it is possible…

3. This one is really pissed off!

“Scientists trace heat wave to massive star at center of solar system”

“It’s the fucking sun, you fucking fake news media sons of bitches!” This is nothing new! My god, open a book! Liberals will never cease to amaze me! »

4. They took the bait so easily

“Big Ben will be renamed Enorme Mohammed from 2018”

“It had better not be true. It’s a British symbol, it should always be and it will always be “Big Ben”

” You are laughing at me ? »

5. Nanméo mind your onions

6. But who are the parents who let this happen??

“An incredible prodigy: this 4-year-old wine tester has just become the youngest person to pass the Master’s exam to become a Sommelier”

” Disgusting. Who let this happen? »

7. It must be hard to get inside these people’s heads.

“Anonymous philanthropist donates 200 kidneys to hospital”

“So we’re not going to ask him a single question to find out where these 200 kidneys come from?” »

8. If you’re cold, it’s normal, it’s 1st degree

“Pfizer announces that the first batch of Covid vaccines will be a collector’s edition limited to 2000 doses”

“So you’re telling us that in the middle of a pandemic they’re taking the time and the money to make FUCKING GOLDEN SYRINGES I can’t take it anymore”

9. He seems to have a little doubt all the same, but that doesn’t stop him from getting upset

“Starbucks Unveils New Satanic Tumblers for the Holidays”


10. The Next Marvel

“Horrified Nurse Discovers 40-Pound Baby After Accidentally Leaving Him In Incubator Over The Weekend”

” What ? »

11. Roh a “scandal” right away big words

12. And, at the same time, we have already done worse for science

“NASA announces plans to send a chimpanzee into the Sun”

“Can’t that be true???? They are going to kill this animal. That’s it ? They just announced that they are going to kill this animal and study the effects before it dies. That’s what I just read right? Because this chimpanzee is going to die!! »

13. It would be a good idea though

14. There he is the famous Captain Evident

“Study confirms that our nostrils are connected to our lungs”

“If you need scientists to tell you that then you are just stupid”

15. This is indeed fake news, well seen, we’re not telling you

16. It’s true that the photoshop editing was really well done at the same time

“This man loves his family so much that he had his eyes widened to see even more of them”

“This man and the surgeon are idiots. God gave us the right size of eyes… He could have lost his vision, and then what would he have done? Fools ! »

“But how awful!!!! He’s sick !!!!! »

17. A Good Decision

“Restaurant in New York Obtains Permission to Serve Human Meat”

“And that’s why I’m a vegetarian”

18. Sad France….

19. A show like no other

“Dallas Cowboy Halftime Show Features Execution of Texas Prisoner”

“Am I the only one who finds this completely crazy? »

20. Again, a show unlike any other

“Ohio State Replaces Lethal Injection With New Head-Pulling Machine”

“Why, just why? How have people become lately! :(”

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