Top 20 of the worst summer job galleys, a good impression of the world of work

In life, not all of us are lucky enough to be wealthy students who can go on vacation for two months to roast our rinds in Ibiza. Many of us have had to do sloppy summer jobs, from camp host to Disneyland employee to waiter (or editor at Topito, what the hell!). And as we have seen with your testimonies in our call for contributors on Facebook, these seasonal jobs are often synonymous with major difficulties. Honestly, if that’s the world of work, thank you, but no thank you!

1. Claire’s struggle: “The holiday center for teenagers where I worked organized spiritualism sessions with a ouija board”

Topito’s analysis: And suddenly you managed to reach Annick, patron saint of underpaid animators or not?

2. Paul’s struggle: “Forgetting to fix the handles of the coffin….”

Topito’s analysis: Laughing (did you get it?).

3. Helena’s galley: “A kid I was babysitting who wanted to plant me”

Topito’s analysis: Are you sure you weren’t guarding a prison Helena? We have serious doubts…

4. Stéphane’s struggle: “I was a camp leader and I had to take care of teenagers that I had to take from Paris to La Rochelle by TGV. I forgot a teenager there…”

Topito’s analysis: Not sure that the Parisian stations are the best place to enjoy your holidays as well.

5. Maeliss’s galley: “First day at Quick, I slipped on frying oil. I did all the service and the room before realizing after two hours that my slip had torn my skirt and that I worked the pants in the air”

Topito’s analysis: No, but don’t worry Maeliss, the customers must have thought it was the new uniform.

6. Boz Ob’s galley: “I pulled cables in a gutter all morning. During the lunch break, my hands started to sting me. When we resumed work at 1 p.m., a guy told us that the site was stopped. They had accidentally released acid in the gutter and we had been wading in it for 4 hours”

Topito’s analysis: Ah, but are you missing an arm? Oupssss the meatball, sorry we really didn’t do it on purpose!

7. Sathiam’s galley: “A supermarket employee doing the shelving, I came across a gift from young parents who left me a filled diaper and used wipes in the battery compartment”

Topito’s analysis: It’s always a pleasure to have this kind of little attention.

8. Beatrix’s galley: “Getting me locked up in the vault in the bank where I worked”

Topito’s analysis: Strangely, it doesn’t sound like La Casa de Papel this story.

9. Anaïs’ struggle: “I hesitate between the time when I had to empty 100 dead chickens by the ass and the time when I slipped in the cold room and landed in the pieces of ham”

Topito’s analysis: Why choose just one when you can have a whole bunch of good times??

10. Jolan’s struggle: “I was a nursing student and I was doing the toilets in a nursing home. One of my patients farted while I was washing her seat and a piece of poo got stuck on my badge and another right in the middle of my forehead”

Topito’s analysis: A shitty job then?? (stop me)

11. Annie’s galley: “I got hit on by Doc Gyneco when I was on a summer job at his old record company”

Topito’s analysis: Best trivia in trivia game.

12. Jo’s galley: “I was a cashier at a motorway toll booth near Montpellier. A family of nudists arrived completely naked and paid me in red coins. It was a long time”

Topito’s analysis: But suddenly, where were the red pieces stored?

13. Akit Su’s galley: “I found myself in a garbage container, looking for the recipe of the day that my boss had accidentally thrown away! He was encouraging me from the outside, so nice!”

Topito’s analysis: A beautiful person this boss, there is no doubt.

14. Romane’s galley: “I sprained myself because a rat went between my legs in the diving room”

Topito’s analysis: We hope you didn’t forget to ice your ankle and put your foot in the air (and toss the restaurant to the hygiene services).

15. Charlotte’s galley: “A client wanted to give me a kiss. I held out my hand to him, to remain formal. He grabbed my hand to lick it along the entire length”

Topito’s analysis: I’m calling the police Charlotte, don’t move.

16. Bérénice’s galley: “I was working in a campsite and the morning of my arrival, the campsite found itself invaded by garden gnomes! There were them everywhere, in the toilets, in every shower, on the roofs, in the swimming pools! It took us all morning to collect them, there were more than a hundred”

Topito’s analysis: You have to stop Berenice weed…

17. Isabelle’s galley: “I stuck a knife in my hand, which earned me 6 points, including 2 internal ones for suturing the muscle. The same afternoon, I was at work”

Topito’s analysis: Ahhhhhh, catering, always a pleasure.

18. Alexandre’s struggle: “I was working in a surf shop. Rush period during the world surfing competition, store full of people, and me with my growing wisdom teeth (excruciating pain). I had to advise the customers while I was drooling and my cheeks were puffy, unable to speak”

Topito’s analysis: Falut, fa farte?

19. Guillaume’s galley: “I knocked over a telephone pole with the fork of the tractor. The surrounding villages did not have a landline for several days”

Topito’s analysis: They are also looking for fixed telephones, they have not existed for 10 years.

20. The galley of Flm Chouviat: “I had to work in a hospital in the biochemistry department to assist the laboratory technicians. The day I went to the personnel department, they got the wrong department and the person who accompanied me left me at the hospital morgue. The manager showed me around and opened a fridge and showed me a corpse.”

Topito’s analysis: We hope never to have to have surgery in this hospital, they could confuse the liver and the femur.

New rule: six months vacation for everyone, paid for by the State, come on, everyone at the beach.

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