Finding an apartment in Paris = obstacle course. In addition to the fact that you have to be able to part with your two arms to be able to pay the rent, the accommodation offered is not always ultra-clean. Neither legal. Neither practical. Nor big. Neither beautiful. Neither equipped. Nor healthy. Nor close to amenities. Neither accessible by elevator. Nor isolated. Nor soundproof. Neither… Nor livable, in fact! In view of the advertisements which pass every day on the rental sites, the owners do not even hide it anymore! “Come on, it’s ugly, dangerous and expensive, but it’s better than nothing, hihihihi! »

“Ideal for a person of 1m60 or less, rather flexible”

I don’t know what tempts me more, between the daily contortions or the bird’s eye view of the metro. And you, what is the little detail that makes your heart beat faster when reading this sweetness?

At least they are honest…

A closet, no thanks. But it’s true that the “luxury cupboard (without “e”)” argument ended up convincing me. Ah, the life of a sorcerer’s apprentice in a town of Muggles, for the modest sum of 700 bucks a month!

A small cinder block bed

A concrete announcement, what!

Partitions are overrated

Privacy guaranteed. Nice to receive his friends to sleep.

From Bon Coin to Tinder, there is only one step

The gentleman has just taken the wrong site, I believe. I hope.


Who has never dreamed of making pasta, quietly seated on the throne, serious?

Closet rental, well located

2 m²… You’ll have to sleep standing up, and do without furniture, but at that price… It’s a godsend!

Even better value for money!

350 euros only for 5 m²! But waaaaaaaaaaaaaw!

A roommate in 15 m2

What tempts you the most? The need to earn 5.5 times the rent? The roommate in a space already too small for one person? The imposed diet? Or the very tempting proposal to pay 450 bucks to pioncer on a pouf? Aaaah my heart is swaying!

Looking for roommate to camp in my living room!

I was going to say it’s shameful, but in the end… If there’s the possibility of buying a screen… GO WHAT!

Watching pasta cooking from your bath is possible!


A toilet footbath

What to soak his toes to occupy the toilet. Personally, it’s the little detail that makes me say “YES”!

It’s even funnier

It’s actually very serious. We report this garbage to the police if it happens to us. Please.

What ?

I don’t see the problem, personally. Looks pretty ergonomic, right?

If we don’t sleep under the roof, let’s sleep under the ground

Small cellar, for maximum privacy and humidity! All at only 390 euros per month! Obviously plan to earn about 12 times the rent for your file to be retained.

“The toilets? Ah well, you just have to put them there! That’s very good!”

Shower mat with integrated flush.

The advantage, in Paris, is the benevolence of the prorios

Well then? We are touched in his ego?

Only one small negative point…

But booooo! What’s the point of having a shower if you can actually sit in the sink?

Paris 17, BUT NOT LAST!!!!

PTDRRRRR excellent valve, Patrick! On the other hand, the toilets on the landing, it’s less funny. Even for a landing with an elevator.

“Spacious bathroom and large bathtub”

What ? They never said “Bathroom not unsanitary”, huh!

A thought for all those people who have an apartment worse than yours. Courage.