Top 20 of the worst real estate ad photos, the ones where it’s really hard to “…

For several years, the tumblr Terrible real estate agent photos lists the worst photos of real estate advertisements. If you are looking for a pretty little shack to live with all your beautiful family, these charming residences are a priori still on the market….

1. Minimalism is in!

Seeing yourself in your mirror, is it really useful? Storage, do we really need it? The answer is no. This sink alone should be enough for your happiness if you are not a superficial person.

2. Gotta love butterflies

A magnificent toilet seat to think about nature when peeing standing up, and above all to never see if there is a small drop lying around somewhere.

3. Cozy little bathroom

Well ok, we can’t see each other from the front, there is no place to store your toothbrush and the mirrors are not aligned, but still, it’s super original. You will never see the same bathroom with your friends.

4. Little sense problem

At least they put the fan on the ceiling, and that’s already good news.

5. A disruptive house

Is it a bathroom? Is it a kitchen? What if all these concepts were outdated? Couldn’t we free ourselves from all these names to invent a room in which we would really want to live? Here, you can watch the pasta cook from your bathtub, and we know it’s what you’ve always dreamed of.

6. Meuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

We always say that tastes and colors are not debatable, but here we wonder if there isn’t a small exception all the same.

7. The tiny bathtub

Oh she is too cute this mini bathtub! Too practical to talk with the other inhabitants of the house while taking a bath. But be careful not to slip on the tiles when leaving.

8. The house with 1000 floors

There was a bit of a copy-paste problem here.

9. Cool curtains

These curtains are as useful as slips at a swingers party.

10. Bacteria Heaven

The more you look at this photo, the more it makes you uncomfortable. It’s very disturbing.

11. Not for cloisters

We’ve seen horror movies less creepy than these toilets. Looks like something bad is bound to happen to whoever comes and sets a peach here.

12. Nausea

It seems that the tenant of this apartment wanted to leave because he was having about 12 epileptic seizures a day on his way to the kitchen.

13. Niceaa

Frankly, to have a little quiet discussion with your lover or your roommate, it’s super practical. After all, we all poop, so why not do it together?

14. What to make good meals

You know, the main thing is to be a little resourceful and to adapt. With a little imagination, you can make this place very functional and succeed in great dishes such as pasta or even pasta.

15. Full Eyes

If you want to be sure never to have sex again in your life, adopt this tv which injects images directly into your eyes.

16. Pretty Partition

Hello, I am calling you regarding your announcement because I would like to know this: what is the project?

17. Oh that’s really CUTE

“We brought it back from our holidays in the mountains, we really fell in love with Savoyard craftsmanship, it’s very typical. »

18. Into The Wild

How to escape while staying at home… magnificent.

19. Pop-pop-pop

Do you like pop art? So we’re going to put it there, there, there but also there, and look behind you: MORE POP ART!!! THIS IS NOT GREAT IS IT????!!!!

20. Throwback to a good idea

Come on, we decided to take the plunge: we are installing the same kind of duo toilets in our offices.

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