Top 20 of the rarest female names in France, and there may be a reason

In the crowd of first names authorized by the Civil Registry there are some really weird things, the proof is that having an original first name is not always a godsend. But if you want to play around with rarity, here is a non-exhaustive list of the rarest first names given in France. I warn you there is food and drink. But not necessarily things that are good to drink or good to eat.

1. Lingonberry

It looks vaguely like armpit, but it’s not. Lingonberry is a fruit (which no one therefore knows somewhere balek) and if you thought that no one had this name I can only refer you to listen to the albums of Airelle Besson, genius trumpeter who also lays sound cool that his first name is unusual.

2. Dianthus

It’s not Devil. It’s not fiante either. On the other hand, it’s just as cheum and don’t defend me this choice on the pretext that it would mean “flower of God” in Greek. But good news this first name is currently carried by less than 600 people in the world.

3. Autumn

“Hello, my name is Autumn, my hair is made of rain and my coat of dead leaves”. Why do you want your child so badly?

4. Heather

Not very young, this first name appeared in 1907, which is no excuse for having it worn by unhappy little girls today. Even if we really like heather. Even if we really like La Bruyère.

Top 20 of the rarest female names in France and
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5. Cypriane

I have nothing against the Cypriane but it was already a hassle for the Cyprine (which bear no more or less the name of the liquid secreted by the vaginas) so don’t think that by adding an “Anne” to me it will pass. Well, this first name actually comes from Cyprus, and Cyprien or Cypriane simply mean “Originally from Cyprus”. If you are not from Cyprus leave your children alone.

6. Detach

Between 2000 and 2010, 13 Déotille were created. Afterwards, wallou. And so I wanted to know, the Déotilles, do you think you’re clever?

7. Guillemette

Can you imagine your name being “Guillemette” in quotation marks? This is how to inception this first name without any form of logic.

8. Martha

Not half a Martine, the Marthes are at least lucky to have some rather cool girl names like Marthe Richard, pilot, spy and finally politician who fought against pimping (and got the vote to close brothels). Between us I prefer to be called Marthe than Richard.

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9. Theoline

We’ll make it short, the last time children called Théoline were born in France was in 2009 and there were 4 of them.

10. Vinciane

The Latin origin of the first name means “which triumphs”. HAHAHA no but let me laugh. If there is one thing in which the Vincianes have not triumphed, it is the popularity of their first name.

11. Zazie

And God knows she made some good sounds in the 2000s, well excuse me, Zazie is above all a diminutive of Isabelle. So if you want to call your child Isabelle, don’t drink with Zazie.

12. Calandra

No, but why not xylophone while you’re at it?

13. Poem

Imagine that would mean “pearl of the deep seas” in Tahitian. After me, I’ve never been to Tahiti so I can’t really check but hey, do what you want with it.

14. Ysandre

Overall, giving a name that begins with a “y” is already wanting harm to your child. I stop here. You should know, however, that it was given for the first time in Quebec in 2004. Do you have a mouthful?

15. Cameo

You thought a cameo was the appearance of someone famous in a movie or a series? You’re not totally wrong, but know that it’s also a first name, a really rotten ass first name as they say in the jargon of rotten ass first names.

16. Hermance

A name which has a Germanic origin and which basically means “soldier” makes you want to. In fact that’s all, that’s enough for me as an argument. You just have to call your CRS kid directly if not?

17. Alexine

Alright guys gotta make up your mind. It’s either Alexandra, or Alexis, or Toxine, but you can’t merge everything as you see fit. Fortunately, only 16 Alexines were created in 2019.

18. Lolita

So already when do you give a hyper sexually connoted first name to your daughter? And also when do you give a first name that comes from “dolores” in Spanish, or “pain”?

19. Quit

As crazy as it may seem, 17 Quitterie were born in 2019 in France. It is highly confusing.

20. Samuelle

Barely 5 Samuelle born in France in 2019, this rarity of the first name is undoubtedly explained by its mediocre character. And I say that in all friendship for the 5 Samuelles of France. (MDR, you don’t even scare me).

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