Top 20 of the most incredible things found in attics

We often see in films a young child venturing into the new house that his parents have just bought and finding in the attic or the basement something completely crazy that will revolutionize his life, terrify his neighbors or send him to the jungle to become Robin Williams. Well do you know people have shared what they found while rummaging through their attic and there really is everything from creepy stuff to mysterious stuff to a bird’s nest at my grandma’s house (but it’s not phew as a thing). So you better hold on to your horse’s braces so you don’t fall off your chair because what’s coming is crazy. YEAH THE EXPRESSION MEAN NOTHING.

1. A painting by Picasso

A resident of the United Kingdom who was walking quietly in his attic made this completely incredible discovery in 2015 when he came across a suitcase that he decided to open. And there, amazement, inside was the real Pablo Picasso riding a tricycle. No, he actually discovered a painting by the Spanish master, obviously given by a Russian soldier to his mother during the 2nd World War.

2. A Stradivarius violin

The Stradivarius is to the violin what the Bentley is to cars: excellence, high price, rarity and a singular difficulty to make a niche with. A California resident found a similar violin in his attic in 2015 that had been stolen in the 1980s from violinist Roman Totenberg. After investigation, it was discovered that it was the father of the resident who had robbed him like a bastard because he was jealous of Totenberg. Uncool.

3. WWII Love Letters

In Texas, while eating corn on the cob with Texas sauce, a resident discovered a pile of love letters from World War II. An American soldier and his wife had sent many letters to each other that testified to this era and therefore became real pieces of history. As the two lovers had died, the man had decided to return the letters to their children, probably hoping for a reward. Finally I imagine.

4. Creepy children’s handwriting

A woman working in a real estate agency had made a rather creepy discovery while showing a house to potential buyers and she had shared her discovery on TikTok. On one of the attic walls were strange drawings, inscriptions and the message “Did I scare you?” ” (did I scare you?). Something to seriously fuck up, especially since a child therapist had commented on the video, saying that the drawings seemed “tortured”.

Top 20 of the most incredible things found in attics
Picture credits: Topito

5. A hidden room dating from the 2nd World War

In Denmark, a couple had discovered a completely hidden room in their attic that dated from the Second World War. Inside, an alarm, a map of Europe and a sign that read “those with stomach problems are not allowed to enter”, implying that we do not shit on the floor in the room . The room was then to be used to hide in the event of an invasion and it is still rather freaking out. You can see the slideshow it’s quite amazing.

6. A collection of comics that is over a million dollars

It was yet another Texas resident who made a rather priceless discovery in his attic. This time it was several fairly old but well-preserved comics including two treasures: the first appearance of “Batman” as well as that of “Superman”, enough to exceed one million dollars for resale among collectors who have money. Clearly cooler to find than funny children’s drawings.

7. An unpublished audio interview with Martin Luther King

Well, this top is getting more and more incredible, isn’t it? An American from Tennessee had indeed discovered in 2012 an audio recording tape that his father had made and on which he interviewed the great Martin Luther King. A priceless historical treasure.

8. Children’s bones

Well, it’s very creepy and I apologize but the story is incredible. Basically in an abandoned American house someone found children’s bones and the police arrived on the spot to make an expertise. It was the body of a missing two-year-old child who relaunched the investigation until the culprit was found, who was the poor girl’s mother-in-law. A horrible story.

9. A puzzle box with jewels

A Reddit user shared his incredible find discovered in his attic. It is a wooden box with a puzzle opening (where you have to move different parts to open it). Once the riddle was solved, he discovered a real treasure inside since several jewels were hidden there. No idea how much the loot is worth, but it’s still better than finding a half-eaten cookie or an old condom.

10. The head of King Henry IV

Well, the story is quite controversial since several scientific studies contradict each other. Basically the head of King Henry IV would have been found in an attic. A first team authenticated the head as that of the king, which a second study conducted by another team confirmed. But later, a third team would have demonstrated that it was not the real head, so the debate is still active, but in any case someone did find a mummified head in his attic and it is crazy enough whether it is that of a king or not.

11. A collection of vinyl records that belonged to Hitler

I imagine that no one has ever wondered what Hitler’s favorite playlist was, but we still have an element of the answer since a woman living in Moscow had discovered in her attic a collection of albums that her father, a Soviet general, had kept as a souvenir of the Second World War. There are Russian and Jewish composers in it, which does not give them good press. It must be boring as an artist to discover that some of his fans are German.

12. A bunch of guns and weapons

A Reddit user had shared his rather strange discovery of a large collection of firearms and swords of all kinds. If the find can be useful in the event of a zombie invasion, it still makes you wonder who occupied the premises before. Good after seeing that it’s old weapons maybe it’s worth reselling it.

13. A Mummy

Yes, a mummy. A real mummy. In Germany, a ten-year-old child was playing in his grandparents’ attic when he came across a large wooden box in which was a real sarcophagus and a mummy inside. The grandmother had no idea what was in the crate, so the boy’s father decided to have the body authenticated, which confirmed that it was a real one. From there to understanding how she got there is another story.

14. Strollers with animal bodies in them

In New York State, investigators have made a very, very, very creepy discovery in a 200-year-old house. A dozen vintage strollers were stored with inside each a different animal corpse (cat, dog, squirrel, etc.) swaddled like a baby. No idea who was the mastermind behind the macabre set-up, but it’s still really creepy.

15. $45,000 in cash

New home buyers in the United States had discovered a large sum of cash in their attic. After contacting the family of the previous owners, they realized that the former resident had been saving for several years before he died. Since the new owners were really nice, they decided to give the money back to his children. The children, touched by the gesture, then gave them a reward of $45,000. No, I’m making that up.

Top 20 of the most incredible things found in attics

16. A figurine of Tsar Nicholas II sold for $5.2 million

Residents of New York had discovered a 70-year-old figurine of Tsar Nicholas II in their attic. If in addition to being a kind of Action Man of the Russian version of the time, you should know that the object had been estimated at 5.2 million dollars, enough to buy a pack of pokemon card packs to try to earn $5.2 million again. An illogical investment certainly, but not completely stupid if you like to take risks.

17. The original manuscript of “Huckleberry Finn”

You may know this work by the great American writer Mark Twain, also the father of Tom Sawyer’s character. Well, people in Los Angeles had found the first part of Finn’s Adventures manuscript in their attic. Nearly half of the novel was there, written by the author’s hand, which had been considered one of the greatest treasures of American literature second only to the manuscript of the film “Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter”.

18. A Qing dynasty vase sold for $70 million

So there it is the incredible jackpot. Two brothers and sisters from London had found a vase in their attic without really knowing what it was. You have to understand them at the same time, it’s a vase, apart from putting flowers in it, you rarely imagine that this crap is worth 70 million. Well after expertise they realized that it was a Chinese vase from the Qing dynasty and that it could bring in a lot of money. Following an auction, it is precisely 69.5 million dollars that the object brought them.

19. An Unpublished Sherlock Holmes Short Story

England’s most famous detective had yet to reveal all of his secrets following the death of his original author and creator Arthur Conan Doyle. It was in the attic of the Scottish poet Walter Elliot that a new manuscript by Conan Doyle of a completely new adventure of the character was found in 1904. In this one, soberly titled “Sherlock Holmes against Godzilla”, we discovered a new facet of the hero, between modesty and poetry (this is obviously false).

Top 20 of the most incredible things found in attics
Photo credits (Public Domain): Special Collections Toronto Public Library from Toronto, Canada

20. An apartment. In the attic. Normal.

Yeah it’s completely crazy but someone has shared the footage of an entire, completely creepy apartment found inside their attic. Who lived there? Someone locked up? A killer ? Bill Clinton? No, in reality the house was a store long before that and the owner had set up an apartment at the very top to live in. But it’s still a bit crazy, isn’t it?

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