Top 20+ of the biggest trolls in the French language, we are being laughed at

A while ago, Twog made us discover a thread of public utility. In this thread, @AmeEnSoie says aloud what everyone thinks quietly (or at least all the way) about the French language which is, let it be said, a beautiful piece of shit. Whoever created this language was probably so drunk there’s nothing logical in our grammar. We prefer to warn you before you get on your high horse (or other mounts of your choice): this thread is full of bad faith, and that’s why we love it.

1. Make up your mind after a while

2. I have livers

3. We get bully after a while

4. No pasaran le S

5. It’s Fair

6. Circumflex not very flex

7. Give me a bag to put my head in

8. It’s the lottery your thing actually

9. MDR side for fun

10. Please don’t drink a worm

11. Maximum Pipometer

12. Hauskour

13. But Go Hide


15. Hey but the French language, you should do stand up

16. We are made like waves

17. Thanks but no thanks

18. Breathe

19. Put him in jail

20. My brain is mindfucked

21. And it doesn’t work with “shrimp” either

22. Personally I stopped at four

23. GO take a Doliprane

24. I convert to chicory it will be easier

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