Top 20 of the biggest cheapskates in history, hello big rats

As you know, we like to ask you questions to get to know you better, and today we decided to take an interest in large pliers. You necessarily know stingy people, and maybe even you are in a relationship with a stingy person, so you necessarily know the subject. So when, on Facebook and Twitter, you were asked what the worst stingy technique someone had ever used in front of you, your answers were wonderful. Welcome to the world of suckers.

1. Arno’s stingy colleague

“I wanted a donut. A colleague tried to sell me the one he had in his drawer without telling me when he bought it, and asked me 6 euros for it. He had asked me later if he could come and call my house (in the middle of quarantine) to avoid spending the phone plan for his box. »

Topito’s opinion : So was this donut good?

2. Maud’s ex-stingy

“Give you a gift and blame you that it cost him dearly”

Topito’s opinion : Reproaches are zero, on the other hand we talked about it between us and if the gift cost more than 500 euros then he has the right to brag about it once or twice in public.

3. Emilie’s stingy buddy:

Topito’s opinion : If at least he had taken care of the cheese from a good cheese maker, we could have understood, but this guy should be banned from raclette for life. Yes it’s hard but it’s fair.

4. Vannessa’s ex:

“First Valentine’s Day (16): he stole a book from the school library to give it to me. There was the school stamp… And the book sucked. »

Topito’s opinion : We find it rather romantic but it’s mainly because at 16 we didn’t have a penny in our pocket.

5. Rebecca’s stingy uncle:

“My father lives with his ultra stingy brother. If my uncle buys a pizza and my dad takes a slice, he divides the price of the pizza by the number of slices and asks my dad to pay. Once my father gave me sausages and in the batch he put sausages from my uncle without doing it on purpose, my uncle traveled about 30km to get his sausages »

Topito’s opinion : The guy is on the verge of counting how many sheets of PQ his brother uses. If it is, he already does it and will answer us “14” in the comments.

6. Galioux’s friend:

Topito’s opinion : Are you sure you didn’t actually order an Uber?

7. Ophelia’s stingy guy:

“Give me a ring. Ask for the adjustment to the size of my finger. Confuse the saleswoman to get a discount on the ring because there was less material given the shrinkage. »

Topito’s opinion : Did you offer him a discount on the duration of your relationship?

8. Agathe’s stingy ex-in-laws:

“My ex’s parents: you will bring your meal next time because it’s one mouth too many to feed”

Topito’s opinion : And welcome to your in-laws Agathe 🙂

9. Cat’s stingy buddy:

Topito’s opinion : “Yes but you know all the same it’s 5.25 francs it’s not nothing”

10. Cristina’s stingy friend:

“A friend picked up the tip I left for the waiter”

Topito’s opinion : This guy is most likely a black belt in the middle of the big clamps.

11. Aurel’s stingy friend:

“Arrival at a friend’s house and when going to the toilet, realize that there is no more PQ. I call him to ask him.

She: “How many sheets do you need?” »

Me : “Uh bah uh… I don’t know… send the roll like that, I’m over it! »

She : “No because afterwards, the PQ goes too quickly… So, how many sheets? »

I swear to you that to pass 2 sheets under the door of the toilets, it’s really funny »

Topito’s opinion : Could we have the address of this girl to make sure we never set foot in her house? Strangely it freaks us out.

12. Sly’s stingy buddy

Topito’s opinion : When the devil comes to Earth, it is exactly the form of this buddy that he takes.

13. Boris’ stingy friends:

“One day, at an aperitif with friends, a bottle of wine was on the table, I was told: “Since you’re the only one drinking it, we’re not going to open it..!! » »

Topito’s opinion : And you still dare to call them your “friends”? We need to change very soon…

14. Burçik’s cheap pal:

“Negotiating the price of a rose during a dinner on a terrace in Paris, with the traveling salesman in front of me. He was just a friend, the price was in francs but I never forgot”

Topito’s opinion : Negotiating with a guy who works hard to collect a few euros, it is perhaps the worst move of crevard of this top.

15. Arobase’s cheap pal:

Topito’s opinion : You say crevard, we say genius. The guy has found the loophole to go to parties for free until the end of his life, it’s strong.

16. Melissa’s ex-stingy:

“When we went shopping and I paid with my restaurant vouchers, he divided the sum, to reimburse me, into three: the company, me & him. Well yeah, don’t mess around, there’s the part paid by my employer…”

Topito’s opinion : And did your employer come to have dinner with you every evening?

17. Soledad’s stingy father:

“My father asked if it was possible to have a children’s menu in an already low-cost buffet restaurant. He insisted, surprised at the negative response. I was 15 years old. »

Topito’s opinion : Parents who put their children to shame is a tradition of humanity, don’t try to understand.

18. Mona’s stingy date:

Topito’s opinion : Following this date, and despite your differences, you learned to love each other, you met your respective parents, had children and got married. That’s what would have happened if you were in a Dany Boon movie.

19. Jc’s stingy colleague:

“A colleague voluntarily swallowed the bean from the galette des rois so as not to have to pay for the next one! »

Topito’s opinion : You gave him the crown of the stingy king? With any luck he would have tried to sell it.

20. Topito is a good bunch of crevards according to Christian:

“Incoming in the next 2 days: “top 10 of the worst stingy leases”. Complicated the job of editor for Topito, say see! »

Topito’s opinion : Well yes, at the same time that’s the idea: make tops with your best anecdotes. We don’t hide it and we don’t see why we would hide it because these stories are wonderful. Yours, Chri-chri.

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