Top 20 of the best tweets about psychologists, a difficult profession

Come on, let’s go for the little compilation of tweets that don’t eat bread, and this week, it’s the psychologists who come on the scene. Here are 20 mid- to high-quality, rind-free, dye-free, and preservative-free tweets about those professionals who always have a chair that’s more comfortable than your cardboard couch.

1. Ah well okay

2. But what do we do then??

3. “Psy: Tell me everything from the beginning / George Lucas: I’ll start in the middle instead”

4. Tired shrinks

5. Well after a while it starts to get tiring

6. Patience

7. Inception of shrink

8. Where are we going?

9. The real solution to be happy

10. Misunderstanding problem

11. Hot water costs less

12. We are above all here to help you

14. Oops

15. If you don’t talk about it, I do

16. Don’t speak to me of misfortune

17. A ticket he won’t return

18. In the Greatest of Calms

19. So This Is It

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