Top 20 of the best tweets about glasses, for all my sure eyes

Much like the tweets that will speak to anyone with glasses, the following selection should make you sympathetic to people who wear magnifying glasses if you don’t have them (and make you emotional if you do, that is). is hard on a daily basis, I know, but we are stronger than that). So put on your glasses and give yourself a good laugh to forget.

1. Come on tomorrow I’ll do the same, lazy

2. Laugh one more time and we’ll run you over on a scooter

3. Wow… Don’t drop stuff like that out of the blue

4. Such a prank only deserves to be paid

5. Better Technique

6. Excellent move

7. We’ve never seen them in the same room

8. Come on it’s good Fabrice, I’m voting for you in April

9. If they could all be nearsighted and a bit airheaded

10. I get goosebumps just seeing this pair

11. *Insert pain sound*

12. Sacred little piece of man

13. You are in debt Harry

14. Maybe not to see the ugliness of the world… It makes you think…

15. It’s Loud, Much Too Loud

16. What a shame

17. True Argument

18. We adopt you whenever you want

20. “Are you making McFlurry today?”

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