Top 20 of the best series adapted from comics, from small boxes to the small screen

The popularity of comics has continued to increase in recent years, like that of scooters, but for reasons that I imagine are different (to be explored). For comics, we mainly owe this success to the superhero films that come out every two days in the cinema. Even if for connoisseurs comics are not just about superheroes Marvel Where DC since there is also a host of American comic books that touch on various subjects, most adaptations remain fairly close to this genre, even on the small screen. So we’re going to give you a short list of the best series based on comics, trying to put something for everyone. But remember, the original work is often better.

1. The Boys

Immoral superheroes, bloodshed galore: The Boys tells the story of a band of “mercenaries” trying to destroy a company that manages superheroes with evil flaws. It’s adult, it’s violent and funny, a series that you can watch if you like pretty gory stuff, on the other hand. Regarding the comics, the main arc is over and a new series has been started in 2020, we recommend everything.

2. Invincible

Do you prefer animated series but still want to see violent superheroes? No worries, you can watch Invincible. So on the other hand I like to tell you right away that it’s made by the author of Walking Dead and that it’s not for kids. The fact that it’s a cartoon doesn’t really take away the very dirty and gory side of certain scenes. But the first season is very engaging as they say, and for the comics it’s over if you’re into it.


After an adaptation on the big screen, Alan Moore’s masterpiece was treated to a revisit for the small screen by the creator of the series The Leftovers. And like that other show, you could sum it up by saying it was weird, but it was good. There are quite unexpected ideas and an episode that is clearly a masterpiece. All in one and only season, it looks super fast.

4. The Punisher

Considered by many fans as the best series born from the Netflix / Marvel partnership, it quite logically tells the adventures of the hero who breaks his jaws and asks questions afterwards, giving at the same time an important job in terms of rehabilitation to his speech therapist friends. . It’s nice and the actor is really convincing in his role, just for yes it is worth it.

5. Daredevil

Another Netflix / Marvel production (we promise, we won’t discuss Iron Fist here, we’re here to laugh but still), that of the famous superhero lawyer Daredevil is also very popular. Besides, the hero should make his debut in the next Marvel films if you have spotted the hidden details in Spiderman No way home. Otherwise the series is coolos, it beats well and it’s well filmed, classic what.

6. Wandavision

Marvel’s first small screen production made in Disney, WandaVision was expected at the turn like a new recruit in a football stadium. It was quite original, rather well put together and obviously the spectators liked the concept of resuming one series per episode. If you want my humble opinion I preferred Loki but the ratings of the spectators on several sites place it at the top.


You may not know it, but the character of the Lucifer series is inspired by the one from the DC universe who appeared in (the excellent one and immediately stop doing what you are doing to go read this comics) Sandman. If almost the entire script has been written for the series, the character could well return to say hello in the upcoming Netflix adaptation which is based on Sandman.

8. Legion

The bet was complex to succeed in making a series on the X-Men without relying solely on fights or big action scenes. Legion was much more than that and had some nice surprises in store, including an episode that is part of the revolutionary series episodes, just that. If we can reproach certain things to the series it remains frankly original as a whole for a superhero thing.

9. Preacher

Before adapting The Boysthe same team adapted preacher (from the same author). It features an unsavory priest teaming up with a vampire and a bounty hunter to subdue a divine presence while battling angels and beings escaped from hell. There like that it looks like it’s nonsense, and not only is it but it’s super funny and well done.

10. The end of the fucking world

A sort of UFO from unexpectedly successful TV series, The end of the fucking world which follows two teenagers on the fringes of society on a wacky adventure is based on Charles Forsman’s comic book. You can therefore go and read the original work if you liked the series which was also a fairly good adaptation.

11. Titans

When we know the Teen Titans we say to ourselves that an adaptation could have been frankly kitsch, but no, the producers clearly decided to make it something dark and it worked rather well. We follow the first Robin who tries to make a name for himself without being in the shadow of Batman, without really understanding at the start why he seems to hate him. Kind of a DC version of X-Men that was better than we thought.

12. Spawn

In the 90s the HBO chain had launched an animated series on one of the darkest heroes in the history of comics and the whole thing was moreover supervised by its creator himself Todd McFarlane. Although dark and violent, the series was entitled to three rather successful seasons before the hero was adapted to the cinema in a film that I advise you to see as much as I advise you to eat a bottle of wine by the anus.

13. Loki

Doing a whole series on the Marvel character we love to hate the most was a bloody good idea, especially since the project was carried out with a nice staging but above all a really original concept (which I’m fine keep from revealing yourself) which was completely outside the main plot of the MCU. Just you to see this pretty little face of Tom Hiddleston was worth it, I watch it more than those of my children.

14. Y: The Last Man

If the series will not go beyond the first season and therefore will never see its end on the small screen because it was canceled shortly after its release, watching it can make you want to read the comics and it will already be a small victory, because the basic work is frankly cool and well written. The adaptation wasn’t that bad, but it didn’t hit the mark like The casa de papel or that kind of stuff.

15. Umbrella Academy

If you liked this Netflix series in which a guy wears a foam suit worthy of the disguise of one of your friends at a birthday party to look super muscular, it’s completely your right and you can go read the comics to learn more or discover the story in a different light. If you have any doubts and think you have better things to do, I can only advise you to follow your instincts.

16. Happy!

An injured hitman who must team up with a stuffed animal he is the only one to see to save a little girl, this is the pitch of the first season of Happy! and you can say what you want, it had the merit of being original. As crazy as the basic comics, the adaptation was rather successful, which we were frankly entitled to doubt given the big mess that was the scenario.

17. Locke and key

Well, I’m going to have to be frank here, if you have the opportunity don’t watch the series but go directly to read the comics. Much darker, mature, short and effective, the basic work is also finished and available in six volumes (it’s not huge). But if you want to see a teen fantasy series in the vein of Stranger Things in this case you will probably like the adaptation.

18. Walking Dead

I will not dwell on this shipwreck that is the series because I have already written everything with the reasons for reading Walking Dead rather than watching the series, which however only engages me. There are also qualities in the series, I say not, but it quickly became nonsense and I am the first disappointed. The comics, on the other hand, are a real masterpiece.

19. Tales from the Crypt

Instant nostalgia for children of the 90s, if you remember this frankly cool series where all the episodes were independent, you may not know that it was originally a comic book. Published in the 1950s/60s in the United States, comics were all about the same thing: indie horror stories with a dose of well-rounded dark humor. Look at this credits as it has aged I almost want to cry.

20. Bonus: Riverdale

The Riverdale series has no place in this top of the best series because it is good, but only because I wanted to tell you that it was adapted from a comic book, which too many people ignore. Like what even in the world of American comics there is sometimes bad, and it is a lesson that we must all remember. For obvious reasons I do not advise you to watch this series.

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