Top 20 of the best punchlines of Fanny Ruwet, a very funny woman

Fanny Ruwet wears many hats: successful humorist, whom you may have seen during these appearances at the Montreux Comedy Festival, or in her show “Bon Anniversaire Jean”, columnist, on Nagui’s show on France Inter, creator of several podcasts, each more successful than the next, co-author of the Netflix series “Funny”… in short, there’s little chance you’ve never heard of her in recent years!

Not long ago, we even gave you the 7 good reasons to go see her on stage, but if that wasn’t enough to convince you, then here is an anthology (yes I still use that word) of her best valves that you can find on the internet, before rushing to see her in real life, on stage.

1. “Given my size, if a human being leaves my body, it’s not a delivery, it’s a moult.”

2. “They say children are like facials: at first you say no and then um… It’s sticky, but it makes for good memories.”

3. The concept of excess

4. “The real victory in Werewolf is having enough friends to play it.”

5. I think I would freak out if I got pregnant. I would yell at my boyfriend: “I told you to ejaculate on my breasts!”. And he would say to me: “I wanted to, but I couldn’t find them!”

6. “I have some resistance to discomfort, now I can handle any situation, even the most uncomfortable. Like, you watch TV with your parents, and there’s a sex scene. Or you watch TV, and there’s a sex scene with your parents.”

7. A girl, all she has to do is hold the door for me once, and my cycle syncs up with hers straight away. I come into his life in mode: “Listen, I’m not very muscular, but I really want to wear your name. And lift you up.”

8. When is the “taste: mild” range?

9. “The upside is that soon there will be so many disposable masks in the oceans that turtles will be able to use them to protect themselves from straws.”

10. “I’m a pretty manic girl, pretty neat. When I want to fuck, I send Doodles.”

11. “I love to eat so much that sometimes I meet the Uber Eats delivery guy halfway through.”

12. “I have no legitimacy to talk about mental health, I have no training in psychology, I’m more on the other side of the fence. The side where we jump.”

13. The Real Question

14. I got checked by customs. The dog sniffs me and he insists a little, so the guy asks me: “Have you used cannabis recently?”, I was like: “Dude, I don’t know, I have no concept of time when I’m high !”

15. The meaning of the title

16. “How soon can you delete dead people from your Facebook friends?”

17. “The real summer body is the same as usual, but with halos.”

18. “Me at 10, I spent my time reading, and my best friends were stick insects. So clearly, when I was invited to birthdays, it was because there was a need for a piñata. “

20. “I made my jokes in front of my parents last month. I think they disinherited me. Good thing they’re poor.”

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