Top 20 of the best lines of Alain Chabat, the ultimate ranking

In the History of people we love strongly, Alain Chabat is part of the top of the basket. Already we think he is a genius, we take a phew to remater his best moments in the cinema. Besides, that’s good because we made a little compilation of his lines.

The City of Fear (Serge Karamazov)

1. “Serge Karamazov. No connection I am an only child.”

2. “All the ones I escorted, I fucked them okay? Irina de Frosberger, I fucked her. Jocelyne Turner, I fucked her. Prince Patrice of Moldavia, I fucked her. I was drunk! Nevertheless, I still fucked her! And Odile Deray, Madââme Odile Deray, not the right to fuck her?

3. “It’s still strange, these letters that the killer leaves. O, D, I and now L. ODIL, what can that mean? Lido? Could it be a dancer?”

4. “Move away, mime scumbags!”

5. (Serge Karamazov) “I lost my mother this morning.”

(Tiffany) “She’s dead?” »

(Serge Karamazov) “No no, I lost her, that is to say that I lost her what, she was there and poufpouf, I lost her. »

6. (Serge Karamazov) “But my dog ​​died, though. So, if… if I could sleep at your house, you see, just to have a presence, a companion, to… not to be alone…”

(Tiffany) “Your dog has died three times. »

(Serge Karamazov) “But he suffered a lot! »

Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (Caesar)

7. “Cisar”

8. (Speaking of the effortless) “Wow, that makes little guilis in your stomach when it stops.”

RRRrrr!! (the Healer)

9. “Don’t give a paw, don’t give a paw, that’s bieeen that’s a good yorkmouth!”

10. (The Healer) “Does this remind you of an old crime that was committed the day before yesterday?”

(Pierre the chef) “No no, I don’t think it has to be the same crimier, there’s only one stitched nostril there. »

(Le Guérissologue) “Well, he might have had time to finish if he hadn’t been bothered by that stupid night watchman, huh! »

11. (Peter the chef) “Are you thinking of something healer?”

(Healer, tilting his head) “No, you’re stepping on my hair. »

12. (Healer, stuck in the hole) “You’ll never get me.”

(Pierre the blond) “Well yes. »

(Healer, stuck in the hole) “No. Try to catch me! I run fast, you’ll never get me! »

But who killed Pamela Rose? (Peter McGray)

13. “Mother in the evening lozer zin’ a spirning mother in the lover is just nother on the brain”

On the trail of the Marsupilami (Dan Geraldo)

14. “Gracias mustache.”

The Kids (Gilbert)

15. “I can’t take this shitty couch anymore. I can’t take its color anymore. It’s not even a color. It’s a message. A message that says: come see numbers and letters , come see Derrick”!

16. (Thomas) “I think that above a certain age you should still retake your license.”

(Gilbert) “I think that below a certain age we should keep our mouths shut. »

Kaamelott (Duke of Aquitaine)

17. (Père Blaise) “She didn’t call you bewildered?”

(Duke of Aquitaine) “No. »

(Father Blaise) “What then? »

(Duke of Aquitaine)) “Paediatrician”

18. “No, but we can adapt. We can say, uh…well, I say, “With your quickdraw…uh…with your shrimp quickdraw, be careful not to get eaten by a grouper.”


19. “Well what? I have black on my nose?”


20. “We need to talk! I think we’re the same person.”

Of course there are still plenty of other cult lines, whether in Les Nuls or Garage Babes, Mr Chabat is a lord of humor. We love you Alan.

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