Top 20 noise words that we use all the time, and it sucks

So you’ve already noticed how people speak too badly like they use spurious words and all that just take up space for nothing in their sentences in filler mode. Well, it’s super annoying for everyone. In short, it’s unbearable. You see what I mean huh?

1. Suddenly

At Topito we use it often, suddenly you tell us “stop saying suddenly”, suddenly we try to stop but we can’t do it too much, suddenly you keep telling us to stop. So we are sad.

what to say instead : “therefore”, “therefore”, “consequently”

2. In fact

In fact the problem is that we use it all the time when in fact most of the time it is not even useful in fact.

what to say instead : “In reality”, “actually”

3. Bah

Well here is an example. Besides, well, it gives the impression that you don’t care about anything, whereas in reality, it’s just an ugly twitch of language.

what to say instead : “Good”, “well”

Top 20 noise words that we use all the time, and it sucks

4. Gender

This word is kind of useless all the time, too. Like, he makes you look like someone who doesn’t know how to express himself and he doesn’t add anything.

what to say instead : ” For example “

5. And Everything

It’s just filler to avoid developing ideas and everything.

what to say instead : We can just expand on this “and everything” by replacing it with real information.

6. You see

Yeah because you see if I repeat “you see” all the time it’s just to make sure that you follow my speech you see? As if you had the brain softened you see and that I had to check if you understood everything you see?

what to say instead “Hey oh, are you listening to me? Do you agree with what I’m saying or not? »

7. After

Afterwards, it’s not a very bad language tic, but avoid starting all your sentences like this. Then you do what you want of course.

what to say instead : “That being so”, “nevertheless”, “therefore”

Top 20 noise words that we use all the time, and it sucks

8. Nin nin nin / Machin

Perfect when you tell a lame anecdote based on “And then he says to me yeah thing nin nin nin I got stuck the zboub in the photocopier nin nin nin too weird the guy”. It’s just filler that extends the length of the story. Unbearable, especially when used in voice notes.

what to say instead : Nothing. Say no more.

9. For real

In truth once in a while it paaaaaasse.

what to say instead “In reality”, “really”.

10. Finally

Ralalah that one we use all the time, well not all the time but you understood me. Finally here is what.

what to say instead : “At least”, “briefly”

11. Brief

Anyway, that’s what it’s almost the same as the previous point. In short, we are not going to epilogue either.

what to say instead : “In two words”, “to conclude”

Top 20 noise words that we use all the time, and it sucks

12. I confess

“I admit I didn’t have a hard time with you, my love”… Afterwards, if even Gainsbourg gets involved, I admit, I’m not going to deprive myself.

what to say instead “Certainly”, “it’s true”, “I confess”

13. That’s It

It’s the worst possible conclusion when you don’t know how to end a sentence, that’s it.

what to say instead : We can rack our brains a bit and find a real conclusion, or just remove this “here” too much.

14. Uuuuh

Euuuuh well here I have nothing in particular to say so uh I produce strange noises of the “uh” type which only accentuate my lack of ease in expressing myself.

what to say instead : Not “uh” anyway.

15. No but

No but you know what I mean? Do you see what I want? No, but it’s just the fact of starting sentences with “no but” when there is no reason to start with a negative. That’s what I want.

what to say instead : Nothing.

16. So

So it’s simple: my sentence would have had the same meaning if I hadn’t opened it with the word “then”.

what to say instead : Nothing, or “thus”, or “however”, depending on the context.

17. Fashionable

I’m too much in French teacher mode today lol in mode he thinks he’s the other lol.

what to say instead : “In the manner of”, “as”

18. What

Msr what.

what to say instead : Again, nothing.

19. Huh

We are here eh. Posed. We speak French. Cool huh.

what to say instead : Guess? Nothing.

20. You Know

And its very disgusting variant, you know. It’s not even a question you know. It’s an affirmation: you know.

what to say instead : You begin to suspect: nothing.

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