Top 20 names that will be fashionable in 2023, those not to be given

STOP TOUUUUUUT we have objectively classified the names that will be the most fashionable in 2023 (no, I’m not parodying a competing media at all, I don’t know what you’re talking about). Scientifico-sociological studies (that doesn’t mean anything, but the association of the two makes me look intelligent, don’t you think?) have established what would be the fashionable first names in 2023. They would have done better to find solutions to fight against global warming, but who am I to judge?

SPOILER: it’s always the same first names that lead to the belief that people are fleeing from originality like the bubonic plague.

People side

1. Leo

Let’s make the sad observation together that this masculine first name cannot at all be interchanged with that of Léa in the song by Louise Attaque “Lé-o he’s not ter-ro-rist he’s not an-ti ter-ro-rist, He’s not in-te-grist – he’s not alone on earth, He’s not com-mode – no he He’s not like Aude, He’s not cold, he’s not hot for a night, Re-a-list, he’s not a cr-di-tor, He’s not bad-singing – but the fuck what the hell he sucks! » It shits completely in the glue.

3. Raphael

Did you know that its Hebrew origin means “to heal”. Which is completely stupid because I don’t personally know any healer Raphael. On the other hand, I know several Raphaëls who eat the rind of the ham, but that the Hebrew origins forgot to mention it.


Have you ever wondered why we say “you’re going to call yourself Arthur”? If not, you can move on to the next point. If so, you probably already know the answer. If it’s “I don’t know, am I asking questions? Here is the hair-raising explanation behind this funny expression: it comes from the Second World War during which a curfew was set at 8 p.m. But “8 p.m.” in German is “Acht Uhr”, which the patrols shouted to scare off latecomers. By deformation, it would thus have become “Arthur”. Fascinating expressions based on a first name.


Very royal atmosphere as a first name. It is often said that the Louis fart higher than their foundation. And I have absolutely nothing to add except to refer you to the biggest court scandals under Louis XIV.

6. Julius

Jules is really the first name of people who have had no idea of ​​a first name for the past 40 years. The first name has never budged in terms of popularity.

7. Mael

I don’t know about you, but the first name Maël reminds me of the name of a student insurance company. And I say that in all friendship for the Maëls. Even if they have a fucking umlaut in their shitty first name.

8. Adam

You can imagine the hassle when we carry around this first name and every time we hear about Ramadan we turn around because we think we were called when no, we were just talking about Ramadan in fact.

9. Gabin

I never understood the concept of this first name when the guy was called JEAN GABIN. It’s completely stupid. It’s as if you wanted to name your child in homage to Arlette Chabot with the first name “Chabot”.

10. Noah

But the same as the previous point. If you are a fan, you had to call him Yannick ouaich.

Girls side

11. Jade

At the top of the rankings for many years, the first name Jade has not weakened in its popularity even though it is still a very lame first name like all first names based on ornamental stones. And why not call his kid Citrine, Amethyst or Sardoine while we’re at it?

12. Louise

WHAAAAT? But who still bears this first name of a dried-up old camel? Please. Stop making me laugh for two minutes because I’m having a convulsion on my own.

13. Emma

A bit like the first name Maël, Emma’s also looks like an insurance name. I simply think that MMA incepted my brain I do not see any other explanation.

14. Amber

My aunt’s Siamese cat was called that. So. Does it bother you ? You are going to do what ?

15. Alice

Since Mylène Farmer said it was a Maltese Spider, I prefer to stay away from people named that.

16. Alba

Be careful, you were this close to calling your daughter Alban.

17. Pink

Not very deconstructed this name for a little girl. Have you ever thought of blue actually?


The Annas are just Annes who are having fun.

19. Romy

The kind of first names that only knows one star: Romy Schneider. This is the best way to see your child associated with the tragic fate of Romy. Not super friendly if you ask me.

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