Top 20 movies that make you cry

Some films are touching and fill us with optimism despite the accidents of life. But it is not of these films that we are going to talk to you here. No, we’re going to talk about the films that destroy us and remind us that life is bloody shit. If you don’t know how ugly life is, here is the result of a SensCritique poll on those feature films that make you want to fuck yourself up.

1. Hatchi

The (true) story of a dog whose master disappears but who waits for him for almost 10 years at the station. The trailer alone makes you want to cry.

Chialometer: 79%

2. Tomb of the Fireflies

The story of two children who seek to survive in Japan bombed by the Americans in 1945 and I can tell you that their daily life is not watered down. La Rafle next door is the melody of happiness.

Chialometer: conjunctivitis.

3. The Green Line

The story of a jailer who forges ties with a condemned man to whom we become incredibly attached and whom we want to save above all else.

Chialometer: 96%

4. Life is beautiful

The story of a father and his son deported to a concentration camp. The father makes his son believe that he is in a big game that takes place in a camp to preserve him from the horror of everyday life and not let him believe that the Nazis really want them badly. A film that will make you cry like never before, just the script makes you want to sob in a ball in bed.

Chialometer: 85%

5. Alabama Monroe

The story of a couple trying to get over the death of their little girl from cancer. There, all is said. I have rarely cried so much in my life.

Chialometer: 100%

6. My life for yours

This film tells the life of a family whose couple had a second child to make transplants to the first, their eldest daughter suffering from leukaemia. Suddenly the two girls and the whole family are unhappy, it makes you want to fuck yourself up but also to go running in your garden saying to yourself “health is all that matters”.

Chialometer: 90%

7. Philadelphia

The fight of an executive fired because he has AIDS (hello indignation and the feeling of injustice).

Chialometer: 89%

8. Love Story

A couple who have everything to be happy, but fail to have children. And to top it off we learn that the girl has leukemia which condemns her in the short term.

Chialometer: 79%

9. My Girl

A little girl who lost her mother in childbirth and whose father works at the funeral home befriends a kid. And SPOILERS: this kid is killed by a swarm of bees. Because of her. So.

Chialometer: 88%

10. Schindler’s List

A German industrialist who becomes aware of the horror of the Nazis and who is going to put together a list to save Jews one by one by hiring them in his company. Despite this heroic gesture, he will continue to tell himself that he “could have saved more” for more money. We want to cry with him and tell him he’s a good guy and above all to save all the Jews from the war.

Chialometer: 75%

11. Never Forget

A couple is separated by the 2nd world war, but ends up reuniting. And then boom, the woman is struck by Alzheimer’s and her husband tirelessly tells her their story. But it does not print.

Chialometer: 70%

12. Million Dollar Baby

The story of a boxer injured in the spinal cord by an illegal blow and who becomes quadriplegic.

Chialometer: 72%

13. On the Road to Madison

The love story between two people of fairly mature age, whose wife is already married to another. It’s beautiful because it’s all about restraint, it’s a change from other films where passion always lets itself live. The final scene is sublime. (At the same time it’s a film with Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood so the quality is there).

Chialometer: 70%

14. Dancer in the Dark

The story of a poor girl with an eye disease who works in a metallurgical factory to pay for her operation. And that’s just the start of the trouble. Les Miserables modern version.

Chialometer: 81%

15. The Fault in Our Stars

The love story between two cancer patients (why make it simple when you can make it complicated?).

Chialometer: a chemo of tears.

17. The Time of an Autumn

Teenagers. Love. Hope. Incurable disease. And There you go. You know the song.

Chialometer: 12% (these fragile teenagers are starting to piss me off).


A boat hitting an iceberg. Will they make it out? No.


20. The Roundup

As you can see, it’s less sad than Tomb of the Fireflies, but it’s still a film about the Second World War, and yes, La Rafle du Vel’ d’Hiv’ doesn’t leave much room for a happy ending.

Chialometer: 93%

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