Top 20 Most Inconsiderate Guests Ever, Real Parasites

Whether you’re having a party at home, whether it’s just to chill or to wait for time to pass, you can have the good idea of ​​inviting friends to your humble home. Generally, it goes well because your friends know how to behave, but from time to time they take too much confidence, forget the rules of decorum and turn into the worst guests that the Earth has ever had. You must have known some like that. That’s why we asked you on Facebook and Twitter what was the most shameless thing a guest had done at your house. The answers made us want to live away from the world, deep in the Amazon rainforest or in the middle of the Atacama desert.

2. Ana’s unabashed buddy

“Nibbling on the skin of my fingers, and throwing the aforementioned pieces of skin on my sofa. When I said something, she replied: “It doesn’t matter, you’ll vacuum. » »

Topito’s opinion : Can you tell us the location of your toilet please? We need to throw up here.

Top 20 Most Inconsiderate Guests Ever Real Parasites

3. Kevin’s friend without embarrassment

“Stash 1kg of weed in my closet (no joke)”

Topito’s opinion : At the same time, at some point, you may have to start inviting people to your house who aren’t likely to send you to jail. This is the basis.

4. Sandra’s shameless buddy

“I had a party at my parents’ house when I was young, and a ‘friend’ pissed in my father’s bottle of Whiskey that he had drunk… I only realized it a few weeks later, when my father wanted to have a drink… It took me a while to figure out the culprit! My father still reminds me of it, 15 years later! »

Topito’s opinion : Did you keep the bottle? Because, if it is, a pee 15 years old is expensive.

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5. Ninie’s shameless friend

“I had a friend who was as shameless as possible! One evening, we hadn’t finished dinner, he left to settle down alone in the living room, took off his shoes, made himself comfortable in the best armchair and chose the program himself (and told it to us). imposed!). Another time, he accompanies me to see my spouse at the hospital, it was mealtime in a common room, he went around the patients to collect everything they had not eaten on their plateau. »

Topito’s opinion : We agree that never in life does a guest choose the TV program? It’s the number one rule of hospitality, actually.

6. Etienne’s friend without embarrassment

“Leave a good tire mark on the toilet seat. »

Topito’s opinion : What the hell was he doing in your car?

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7. Céline’s friends without embarrassment

“Showing up almost two hours late, saying when you arrive “It’s pretty inside. Because the exterior…” Explain to us that if they are late it is because they were enjoying the good weather in their garden. There you go! »

Topito’s opinion : It may be time to redo the facade of your Céline barracks…

8. Françoise’s friends without embarrassment

“Letting their kids jump (in shoes) on the couch with their snacks in hand…”

Topito’s opinion : Rule number 2 of hospitality: never invite children. They are boring AND dirty.

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9. Sabrina’s shameless friends

“People who show up on a Friday night supposedly to say hello with the baby’s folding bed, high chair, suitcase and bread:

_ Uh you come for how long there?

_ Well, the weekend will be better than in our apartment, the weather is nice.

_ Uh yeah but we’re going for the weekend too.

_ Bah cool like that we will keep the house! »

Topito’s opinion : So there it’s more friends in fact, it’s bedbugs.

10. Nama’s inconsiderate neighbors:

“My neighbors who often ring the bell and intrude a lot to ask everything and nothing. I open the door one day and see her wearing a scarf that belongs to me. »

Topito’s opinion : It looks way too much like the beginning of a horror movie. You have to move immediately ma’am.

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11. Marina’s friend without embarrassment

“Throwing away my plastic remote control that had been there for ages sacrilege”

Topito’s opinion : Uh okay it’s not done but … a plastic remote control? Who has that at home???

12. Andrew’s Unabashed Buddy

“Once a friend of mine invited a friend to his house and he shit in the washing machine I never dared to tell him for fear that he was in a hurry or I don’t know”

Topito’s opinion : No there frankly we are speechless.

1658067274 101 Top 20 Most Inconsiderate Guests Ever Real Parasites

13. Emelyne’s friend without embarrassment

“Bring back a €2 bottle of sangria, siphon off all the alcohol I had and finally ask to take back the bottle because we hadn’t touched it”

Topito’s opinion : Yes it’s a technique of crevard but we must admit that we have all done it at least once.

14. Martika’s Unabashed Buddy

“Take back the leftovers, a log, the bread, and the bottle she had brought. The worst part is that for her it was normal. »

Topito’s opinion : Well ok there it’s even more crevard it’s a parasite of the future. Yes it doesn’t mean anything but we hope you see the picture.

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15. Elise’s Unabashed Buddy

“Phone me at 3am when I wake up because he has nowhere to go to sleep, me next to my pumps and not the ideas in place I accept, once at home the guy starts to criticize everything my decor. »

Topito’s opinion : Sorry but we at the editorial staff made us laugh a lot, and now we want photos of your decoration to judge please.

16. Sophie’s friend without embarrassment

“Make me think because I don’t have aperitif stuff without fat, and refill the dish 3 times afterwards, to end up saying to myself “well, is that enough to eat? » »

Topito’s opinion : Maybe you need to remove the “restaurant” sign from the door of your house. It would help.

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17. Magali’s inconsiderate mother-in-law:

“My “mother-in-law” who wanted to rearrange my kitchen to make it more functional for her”

Topito’s opinion : It’s time to tell you rule number 3: NEVER invite your mother-in-law to your house. Even if it is surrounded by quotation marks.

18. Claire’s unabashed pals

“A Vegan Couple Asked Me To Sleep In My Bed Instead Of My Couch Because It Was Made Of Suede”

Topito’s opinion : World’s best technique for nabbing the best spot they’ve managed.

1658067287 949 Top 20 Most Inconsiderate Guests Ever Real Parasites

19. Anays’ Unabashed Buddy

“Take fruit from the fruit basket ‘for his home'”

Topito’s opinion : Yes go ahead and take the TV too while you’re there no?

20. Florence’s Unabashed Buddy

“During my daughter’s birthday one of the dads (whom I hadn’t invited to stay) snapped his fingers to call me every time his glass was empty”

Topito’s opinion : Even at the restaurant we don’t do that. We hope you kindly sent him to get his ass roasted.

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