Top 20 moments in life when it’s ok to cheat (no need to judge, you did it…

There are situations in which we have all cheated before and clearly, the following ones are part of it for good reasons. And we are not ashamed to admit it because frankly, we should democratize the fact that cheating in these cases is an act of survival and therefore a symptom that there is a problem in our society. Yes, it denounces, sometimes you have to say loud and clear what everyone is mumbling, or something like that.

2. On his CV to get a job

Your “Team Spirit” skill is clearly a big myth because you prefer to work from home four days out of five to avoid meeting your colleagues as much as possible and you haven’t spoken Spanish since your oral “Lugares y formas de poder” at the baccalaureate. But otherwise, you’re really made for this sales position in a company selling tripods.

3. To get a student discount

We almost want to believe in this little homemade stickers with the current school year written on it to hide the age of your student card. Unfortunately, your photo casts doubt. But you also looked for dreads frankly, pff there was no chance that you would have the same haircut at 30 to try to cheat at the movies.

4. To sell something on Vinted

In real life, who has never sold a piece of clothing with the writing “Bought €15.99, new with tag, negotiation within reason :)” when you paid 3 francs 50 for it on a sales site? private? Business is business, period.

5. To go clubbing when you’re under 18

Even stronger than making the bouncer believe that you haven’t been drunk and that you’re not going to throw up your evening pesto pasta on the DJ. Hats off to the artist.

6. When you get caught by traffic controllers

No, but I swear to you, agent, I’ve been on an internship here for a week, I didn’t know that the ticket had to be validated before going up. I promise, I won’t do it again, cross my arms, cross my doings, if I lie, I’m the one having lunch at your mother’s.

7. To make your expired coupon work

Hurry up a bit because the excuse of the Covid and the confinements is about to expire, and afterwards, not sure that Goal will still accept the 25€ voucher that you won with your mention in the baccalaureate in 2011.

8. In Monopoly when you manage the bank

Honestly, handing over a bank full of cash to someone short on money is like asking me to watch over a pile of ham rinds after I’ve been fasting for three days. They are also looking.

9. To justify your absence from college on a Friday morning

I wasn’t at the Erasmus party yesterday at all, and it’s absolutely not because I’m completely hungover that I didn’t attend the amphitheater this morning. Look, I have a prescription from my doctor that says I had conjunctivitis. How did he move two months ago?

10. To earn money quickly in The Sims

I would sell my TGV Max subscription and my collection of cups bearing the image of Benoît Hamon so that one day I could have the chance to make a motherlode in real life.

11. When you go to the restaurant all you want with airtight boxes to fill

Check the size of the rat. It should be noted all the same that this kind of action is totally legitimate when an all-you-can-eat restaurant charges for the things you haven’t eaten and which remain on your plate.

12. On your Tinder bio

Trust us, your date will quickly realize that your passion for sport is actually to run 2km a month and that your business studies have led you to write approximately funny stuff on the web for a media Parisian comedy. What a shame. But all that wouldn’t exist if among the social rules to be forbidden, there was that of being in a couple to be happy.

Top 10 things we thought were ridiculous at first and

13. To pass a physics-chemistry test by putting information in your calculator

Yes, even if you did it for the baccalaureate (it’s bad but Jean-Michel Blanquer also did it for his sports baccalaureate, so you can rest easy).

14. To get a place in the best college around

I have decadent respect for people who even rented mailboxes near the college they wanted to send their child to to make sure the fake address trick worked as well as possible. I would like to pass the ring on your finger, in all honesty.

15. In contests on Insta

We clearly saw you using or even creating fake accounts to participate in this Christmas contest with “one entry per person”. Frankly, what wouldn’t we do to win an Animal Crossing switch in real life.

16. When the doctor asks you if you smoke

Or when he asks you if you’ve ever had sex while your mom is in the room. Suddenly, I feel health returning to me.

17. When you return an Amazon product after using it

No, promised Mr. Bezos, I haven’t read the manga to send it back to you afterwards and thus have access to free entertainment. That wouldn’t be very fair play on my part.

18. With speed limits

It only works for zones from 30 to 80, beyond that you are BIG OFFENDERS, sick bunch, you don’t value your life or what?

19. At the kems to make your friend understand that you have a KEEEEEEMS

We see you kicking under the table to get your partner’s attention. And that’s ok, I swear. On the other hand, telling his role in the Werewolf to his best friend, THAT’S NOT OK! Where are we!

20. All your life when your name is Cahuzac

Well yes, apparently it is accepted by everyone since he has never set foot in prison, right? Nope ?

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