Top 20 memories we all have of riding, “put your heels down and hold on…

Those who have ridden will tell you: horseback riding is the most beautiful sport in the world. You exercise, you create a bond with an animal, you meet lots of people who are like you on horse blogs. In short, you flourish both physically and morally in an environment that resembles you. It’s a distant activity for some of us, so let’s rekindle the memories we have of it together, to never forget, ever.

1. Stress before class to know if you were going to ride your favorite

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We also speak of “terror of the stable”. A terrible evil that the WHO does not yet recognize, bastards.

2. The NOT AT ALL weird names of the horses in the club: Jolly Jumper, Fille Fatale, Écrin Doré, Grille-pain frenzied

We often make fun of the ugliest first names given to children, but we don’t talk enough about the names of racehorses. Even the so-called classic first names are rotten. Tornado or Princess, frankly I still prefer to be called Thomas or Louise.

3. Those who dressed really well for horseback riding (even though it’s an ultra-messy sport)

What’s the point of putting on little leather boots and white pants when it’s all going to end all filthy. The real ones wear old polo shirts with disgusting pants and worn boots with their mini-chaps.

4. The smell of pony you brought home

And your father who always told you the same joke “you stink of nags”… Even after eight showers it wasn’t easy to remove.

5. Passionate about cleaning your horse’s hooves

There’s something super satisfying about seeing all that shit you take off.

6. Steal apples and carrots from home to give to your favorite horse

Sometimes buy small special horse treats. Sometimes prepare a blanquette of veal for him.

7. When the horse steps on your foot and doesn’t even say sorry

We all knew him at least once and we thought we were going to die.

8. Have about 50 books on horses at home because everyone offers you that

A kind attention that becomes unbearable at the end of the 16th book that you will never open that you will not be able to sell at a clearance sale ten years later.

9. Buy lots of rotten accessories to have matching colors (while your horse clearly doesn’t care about this poor sucker who has no taste)

But you absolutely needed a classic black outfit, a beautiful midnight blue to go with the Princess’ white dress and a purple outfit for the holidays.

10. The concern of your mother who thinks that the horse is dangerous and who would have preferred that you do classical dance like your sister

His seum is also due to the fact that riding costs an arm and a leg, let’s be honest.

11. Bake a cake for the next class when you’re having a fall

It was very annoying especially since it was not you who made it but your mother so it ended in yogurt cake and no one finished it.

12. People who told you “horse riding is not a sport”

It’s one of the biggest clichés about riding and it’s completely false so fuck yourself.

13. Your room full of horse posters, the temple of your passion

Were the walls white or blue? Nobody remembers it anymore.

14. Your vocation as a veterinarian each time you saw a horse in a state of suffering

That was when you were 12, 13 because at 5 you just wanted to be a pony hairdresser.

15. This feeling of having a unique bond with your favorite pony (while he fights the kidneys of your existence)

As long as you brush him well and don’t wear spurs he will love you.

16. Make the special knot to tie your horse which comes off on one side only and have the impression of being super stylish

You were a little.

17. Learn to do hairstyles for horses

You could spend hours there, you don’t realize the number of hairstyle possibilities offered by a horse’s mane. To think that there were some who wore their barbies, the big losers.

18. Stay 4 hours at the riding club when you only have a 45-minute lesson

You had class at 3 p.m. on Wednesday but you were present from 1:30 p.m. to prepare your horse, then you also stayed 1:30 after, the time to clean it. You loved yourself but your baby-siter was bored to death and thought 24 times of choking on straw she was so pissed off.

19. The girls who did horse riding competitions and who we didn’t like

It’s not so much the fact that they make contests that irritated us but just their way of being, because they were generally the same ones who dressed ultra classy and whose parents were lawyers and owned 3 stables.

20. Secretly dreaming at night that your favorite club horse belongs to you and you can take care of it every day.

A moment of joy in your dreams that made you sadder than the rain when you woke up. You drank your hot chocolate with tears in your eyes; you would like to console the child that you were.

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