Top 20 memories we all have of Pokemon on Gameboy (Red, Blue and Yellow…

The best game in the history of Game Boy and Game Boy Color is undoubtedly Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow. Ok they had released 3 different cartridges when it was almost the same game inside, but whatever, we loved it and we kept a lot of memories that we are delivering to you now. But before that… TORTANK ATTACKS HYDROCANON. It was to see if you were ready.

1. When you were choosing your starter Pokémon

The choice between Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle was the biggest dilemma of our childhood, but those who had the Yellow version were freed from it since they had to start with Pikachu (luck).

Top 20 memories we all have of Pokemon on Gameboy

2. Your rival to whom you could give a rotten name

Normally it was Régis but we all called him “Puduk” or “Gros con” because we were mischievous.

3. Your first steps in the tall grass where you freaked out to come across a wild pokemon that was too powerful

In the end you mostly fell on little shit such as Chenipan or Roucool but it was better than having you explode in the first fight.

4. When your team got knocked out in a fight

You had a hard time getting over it, but as you were a real trainer you quickly went on the attack.

5. The day you picked up your bike

It was worth 1,000,000 pokéthunes in store (which made you hallucinate) but it was enough to grab an Order Form that the director of the Pokémon Fan Club gave you. After that, you could finally move at full speed to the most stylish music.

6. When you were given CS vol and you could finally stop walking

Your favorite flying-type Pokémon carried you everywhere and became your new best friend for life.

7. When you faced an arena champion

The pressure was there, especially when you showed up against Pierre and his rock-type pokemon at the start of the game when you had a Pikachu or a Charmander that didn’t measure up.

Top 20 memories we all have of Pokemon on Gameboy

8. When one of your pokémons evolved and you felt shivers of happiness

This animation was a shot of happiness in your face.

9. When you didn’t understand why your Pikachu wasn’t evolving when it was level 57

Until one of your friends explained to you that you needed a Lightning Stone to make it evolve into Raichu.

10. When you were disappointed to come across rotten Magikarps

On the other hand, training a Magikarp, even if it required a lot of patience, it made it possible to have an overpowered Gyarados, and that was classy.

11. When you had to fight too sloppy fights against an NPC who had 6 molesters

This big loser was not even able to make a real team of pokemons with complementary abilities.

12. When you only had one pokemon left with 2pv and you did everything to avoid fights before finding a Pokémon Center

You dodged tall grass and NPCs for fear of being smashed in one attack.

1661094873 480 Top 20 memories we all have of Pokemon on Gameboy

13. When you failed to dodge wild pokemon and ran away from battle like a coward

Survival first, don’t worry, we’re not judging you.

14. When you spent too much time at the Casino

A fake casino that was as addictive as a real one.

1661094874 3 Top 20 memories we all have of Pokemon on Gameboy

15. When you struggled for three hours to find your way around Team Rocket’s lair

With the arrows that sent you in a direction you didn’t want to go there.

1661094875 962 Top 20 memories we all have of Pokemon on Gameboy

16. When you were discovering Safari and you were all excited

In the Safari, the rules weren’t the same and there were too stylish pokemon to capture, such as Tauros, Kangaroos and Minidracos (to then have a very cool Dragonite).

17. When You Caught Mewtwo

It was better not to have wasted your Master Ball by throwing it unintentionally at a poor Piafabec because without it it was very hot to capture the most powerful pokemon in your game.

18. When you beat the Pokémon League

And surprise, your rival had become Master of the League so you slapped his face once more to remind him who was the best.

19. All the music you’ll never forget

Starting with that of Celadopole which makes us want to become the best trainers, to fight relentlessly, to do everything to be victorious and win the challenges.

20. When you believed this urban legend that said you could get a Mew by moving this truck

Never had an urban legend spread so well in the playgrounds, it’s phew.

1661094876 420 Top 20 memories we all have of Pokemon on Gameboy

21. When you became aware of the oppression that pokemon suffered because of trainers like you

No, we’re kidding, no one had that kind of mood.

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