Top 20 known BAWDY songs

Are you bored in the evening? Are you tired of beating the crap out of all these men and women who stick with you? Why not set the right mood and sing a pretty bawdy song? We have already compiled some of the best saucy bawdy songs for you, today we are broadening our horizons with the most beautiful bawdy songs, period. Because yes there are some who are not saucy. Few, but there are some.

The Grand Vicar

The strength of this song is clearly the lyrics. We are exploring various lexical fields relating to very varied fields such as gardening, the prison environment and shoemaking, the aim being to play on the double meaning of the final term which will brilliantly close each stanza.

Cycling is a custom for us. My dad makes the hose, my mom makes the patch,
And the priest pumps it…

A Sunday morning

“It’s Java, cat’s asshole, Dad’s cock, Jeannot/Julot’s balls, stuck in the piano, it makes musicuuuuh’. VSThis divine ode to masculine attributes is in fact the refrain of a longer song, the lyrics of which are not necessarily worth dwelling on for three hours.

Bali Balo

A classic. Known and recognized, this hymn to life (we follow little Bali Balo throughout his existence) is also difficult to get out of one’s head. Very difficult. This top was very painful to write, you know that. We hope you enjoy this very “energetic” (embarrassing) version.

“Bali Balo in his cradle, already hard like a bull…”

Ouch, ouch, my balls hurt

Magnificent duet of truly superior quality, you can perform this lovely song with your other half, for example at your wedding. This is just a suggestion…

“Ouch, ouch, ouch, my balls hurt… – It’s, it’s, it’s from having fucked me too much…”

De Profundis Morpionibus

Published for the first time in the Parnasse Satyrique of the 19th century by Auguste Poulet-Malassis, this pretty ditty was written by Théophile Gautier who would have denied its authorship in order to be able to present his candidacy to the French Academy.

The Louse and the Spider

Please note that this song tells the story of a louse wishing to seduce a spider. Far be it from me to be a killjoy, but it seems to me that this relationship is doomed to failure.

“And we hear elephants fucking each other in the fields. And we hear the chimpanzees masturbating in the meadows. »

The Limousin Dance

It’s the anthem of drunk business school students. Incitement to debauchery by a resident of Limousin (shame lol… no I’m kidding, Limousins, don’t be offended, we love you, more than anything, more than our own mother), here are the words of this pretty song : “ And he will dance for us, the Limousin dance. And he’s going to dance the Limousin dance for us. The Limousin said: “Take off your shirt”. The Limousin said, “Take off your shirt.” It’s almost soft in the end.

The plane, the plane, the plane

I cried tears of blood embedding this Youtube link. In addition to being super super super handsome, this song is very, very sexist. So much so that I triple some of my words. That’s not going to stop it from getting into your brain and NEVER again. IN. TO GO OUT.

The Ass and Cunt Dispute

Everything is in the title. A very deep song.

The girls of Camaret

Ultra popular in France, it would be due to revenge by the author, Laurent Tailhade, an anarchist journalist. Then find out the why and how. There is also a saucy song called “the priest of Camaret”. In short, Camaret = flagship of bawdy song.

La Godinette

The song explains that Jeannette is solicited by François for sexual relations. After calming the reluctance of the young woman, who is afraid of “losing the cross” (virginity), the young man achieves his goals: the couple retires into the woods. At the end of the song, we learn that as a result of this relationship, Jeannette became pregnant. The moral of the song is that a woman can get pregnant even with “one unfortunate little time.” The bawdy song is full of good sex education advice.


It is a classic for drinking parties, karaoke and other joyful gatherings. If you are in business school you must have sung it about 1,347 times.

Dudule’s big cock

“It’s not an ordinary cock, when he shoves it in my behind-uuuu”. I’m not drawing you a picture, you understand that we border on grace in this song.

La Rirette or (Jeanneton takes his sickle)

La Rirette, also called Jeanneton takes her sickle, is a bawdy French song telling in a “humorous” way the meeting between a young girl and four “young and handsome” boys. Meeting that could possibly be interpreted as rape. But it’s charming, I say. We are at a fairly astonishing level of progressivism.

Long live Brittany

Obviously. It was inevitable. Providential. This is the song in honor of Brittany. But yes. Even though there is a little one who takes it back in The Choritses “They have round hats, long live Brittany!” They have round hats, long live the Bretons.”

Little Huguette

“Trip my cock with your fingers.” Thank you, that couldn’t be clearer.

Who pooped in the heather

Just the title lays the foundations of an existential question fueling all the debates of a village, of a nation.

This content no longer exists

“*TUIUIUIUIUIU* Yes hello? / Yes it would be to report a missing link / Ok we will send our investigative teams straight away”

The Metz Gunner

A song in honor of the artillerymen, its chorus nevertheless praises everything that pleases and makes a good bawdy song. “Artillerymen, my dear brothers / To his health, let’s have a drink / And let’s repeat this cheerful refrain: Long live the artillerymen, the women and the good wine! »

In the prisons of Nantes

A very suitable song for any group meeting if you want to pump up your voice and sing along “L’ANN DIDOU DIDOU D’ANN DIDOU DI L’ANN DI L’ANN DIDOU DIDOU D’ANN”

The bailiff of Limousin

Undoubtedly the most popular of all with Jean Reno’s tirade that follows, yet the song was solely created for the needs of the film. All the fathers of France like to sing it and cry out when they haven’t eaten enough at the table: “Where are the chickens?” I’m hungry (…) these appetizers have whet my appetite” It’s always with a smile on our lips that we re-watch this cult scene.

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