Top 20+ improbable records

Stop torturing your mind with endless questions about how to become a celebrity one day. By reading this little list you will see that leaving your mark in history does not necessarily imply doing smart things. All you have to do is also find a stupid record to enter the pantheon of boloss. Go ahead, get your finger stuck in a door and grit your teeth.

1. On his computer, Michele Santelia has already typed upside down no less than 64 books (3,361,851 words)

Is it necessary to specify that Michele Santelia has no friends?

2. Georges Christen explodes a hot water bottle filled with hot water in 52′ 68″ seconds

Is he a good or not the serious guy?

3. Reuben Williams unboxes and eats 5 Ferrero Rochers in 1 minute

Combine the useless with the pleasant.

4. A team of dorks built a jar of Nivea cream over 2 meters in diameter in 2001

The biggest pizza, we would have understood… The pot of cream… good bah…

5. Arulanantham Suresh Joachim swings on one foot for more than 76 hours 40 minutes

An imbalance full of balance.

6. Ashrita Furman, a stupid New Yorker, carries a bottle of milk on her head for more than 23 hours and 35 minutes over 130 km

The real question is: why a particular bottle of milk?

7. Ashrita Furman (again) broke 80 eggs with her head in one minute

And he would obviously have a chicken brain…

8. Ashrita Furman (again AGAIN him) is quite simply the man who holds the record for records held by an individual

How do you inception the brain that! Well yes, there are people who break so many records that they themselves become record holders.

9. John Evans balanced an Austin Mini on his head for over 33 seconds in 1999.

A champion, who must be dead we suppose, may not be a great loss…

10. 201 Indians from the Indian Army Signal Corps rode 129 meters doing a pyramid on 10 motorcycles

201 guys! And not one to say “Hey guys, don’t we have better things to do? »

11. Les Stewart, from Mudjimba (?Australia) typed all numbers from 1 to 1 million in full on a typewriter

It took him 16 years, seven typewriters, 1,000 ink ribbons and 19,890 sheets, and to think he could have used that time to change his first name…

12. Aevin Dugas has an Afro cut of 1.32 m in circumference

She wanted to reform the Jacksons and take Janet’s place, but Jermaine told her (according to our information) to go fuck herself.

13. Ron Werner has the largest collection of different beer bottles (25,866)

Ron is typically the example of the not-was guy that we would still like to have as a friend.

14. Lee Redmond hasn’t cut his nails since 1979 and has nails that are 8.65 meters in total.

It must be a little hassle to wash in the shower in the morning.

15. Masanobu rubs off the record since 2008 for the longest masturbation session, which is 9h58 without a break

He could have done it 15 easy times during this time, not sly the guy…

16. With 18.1 seconds, Tim Janus holds the world record for the longest burp

Probably a friend of Ron Werner…

17. A Chinese, Wei Shengchu, would have decided to implant no less than 2009 needles on April 11, 2009 in Milan

“Damn, when I think who didn’t give me my acupuncture diploma, they’re going to see these jerks…. rrrhhh, 2007, 2008, bam 2009, in their wet! »

18. Thomas Vogel has achieved a feat that will leave some dreaming. He undid 56 bras in one minute.

Usually we make fun of it but this is bullshit…

Top 20+ improbable records
Picture credits: Topito

19. In September 2007, The Guy Hiang set the record of 141 rotations in 1 minute suspended from the ceiling by a drill

Just reading it makes me cringe.

20. Saudi Elmalke put 22 scorpions in his mouth, Riyadh, September 1, 2008

He would have said “not bad but it lacks a bit of salt”, after we don’t speak Saudi fluently.

21. Joan Rivers has had 739 cosmetic surgeries.

AND the funny thing is that she doesn’t give a damn what we think. I confess I love Joan.

22. Will Cutbill broke the world record by stacking 5 M&M’s.

And I’m going to spend my summer trying to stack 6 of them.

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