Top 20 funny tweets about carpooling, laughter as bitumen

We too often hear this somewhat light analysis of the gradual disappearance of human relations in an overly connected world, the fact that having our nose in our smartphone prevents us from seeing the Other, the one who lives on the same landing or who drinks a drink on the same counter. Fortunately, this same technology allowed us to share the back seat of our car with complete strangers during a trip of a few hours across France. So many picturesque encounters that should be narrated on Twitter.

1. Always great carpooling encounters

2. Honestly? It is deserved

3. Ah yes okay very well

4. Not super practical for carpooling

6. A relaxing vacation

7. Far too cheerful to be real

8. Head against the window like in a movie

9. Never do I ride in there

10. Your mother also has the right to have fun

11. I only carpool puppies

12. Haha so funny!

13. The same people as in Facebook groups

14. The J is the S on the other hand

15. You get used to it quickly in real life

16. Long live telework without work

17. “Didn’t have bluetooth in the car, annoying”

18. Everyone has their shitty taste

19. Looks like a picture of a cigarette pack

20. Super Helpful

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