Top 20 funny tweets about Auvergne, this beautiful, somewhat empty region

If there is a region that is often discreet, it is Auvergne. Finally, a former region since now Auvergne is attached to Rhône-Alpes. Nevertheless, Auvergne keeps its own personality and its own charm of a region where there are not many people, where the landscapes are beautiful and where the cheeses are good (and numerous). When you think about it, we would all benefit from going to live in Auvergne, but in the meantime we will leave the Auvergnats alone and dedicate this top tweet to them on the most beautiful region of France.

1. That’s good com at least

2. Do you remember when Wauquiez sent an SMS to all high school students when he was not allowed?

3. Good after they ended up having cases like everyone else, but it was a great start

4. Can we have that at home too?

5. At least it would bring tourists

6. It will go “boom” every time

7. That he doesn’t try to throw him into an Auvergne volcano, it won’t work

8. Hunting in Auvergne looks like confinement but in the open air

9. It looks like it was the sports teacher who made the teams by putting the best with the worst to balance

10. Are you more Kiri, Babybel or Ficello?

11. When the Covid is over, we’ll all have fun there

12. They should already have the TGV

13. Magic

14. For once we don’t talk about their losing rugby team

15. Come on, let’s put it back on

16. In Aurillac they are happy we talk about their city every day in the weather

17. We would all be fat but happy

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