Top 20 funniest tweets about milk, one of our friends for life

To the toilet the chocolatine / pain au chocolat debate, what interests us now is the debate milk before or after cereals. Because debate is to advance society, Topito will continue to argue its opinion with very explicit tweets concerning our position.

2. Not the words

3. Move forward without me, I’ll slow you down

4. It doesn’t feel like


6. Always people to get noticed, amazing

7. France wants an answer

10. Call an expert, it’s for an emergency

11. Would you rather have a bowl of milk or a cup of coffee?

12. It’s hot it burns

13. But what about you? You kidding ??

14. Never You Hear Me, Never

15. Naughty vegan, naughty!

16. I would even say to scream in one ear

17. VO forever I don’t want to hear anything

18. Geopolitics is complicated

19. Probably the CM of the Dairy Products twitter account

20. Scrunch scrunch