Top 20 funniest tweets about childbirth, thank you Mom

When we ask our mother if it was ok with the birth, she usually answers us: “oh but you know my little kitten, we forget the pain and we only remember the moment” (if your mother answers you ” yes it was horrible, I hate you, die” it is possible that you have some tensions to settle). But in reality, it’s a pipe: she slipped her race and probably took 10 days to be able to sit on something other than a buoy. So I have only one thing to say: thank you Mom.

2. Hurry to arrive

3. Welcome to the world little baby

4. I confess

5. Best Defense

6. Let’s put things in their place

7. A very beautiful reconstruction

8. In looove

10. Don’t forget to leave a like

11. Not very nice girl

12. It’s Teamwork

13. This kind of disappointment

14. Revenge

15. So young and already so charismatic

16. A Wise Lesson

17. Thank you hello goodbye

18. Anguish

20. Sometimes it takes a little time

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