Top 20 funniest student answers to exam questions

There are the funny but completely messed up answers like pearls from the baccalaureate, and there are the unexpected and rather clever answers that play a little with the rules. It is this second category that we will discuss here. As this intro is rather short, I take this opportunity to promote my next diabolo show which will take place every Saturday afternoon at the Michelle Bernier hall in Capucin-Lez-Peupliers. At 5 euros the entrance it’s almost you who are stealing from me.

2. The game was worth the effort

“Short answer: Give an example of risk”

” Nope “

3. I like to MOVE IT MOVE IT

4. “Defend your point of view”

*POV* / “Sergeant, I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to hold them off!! »

5. A little too pragmatic, this answer

“Would you rather end up on an island alone or with someone you hate?” Why ? »

“I would rather be on an island with someone I hate so I could have something to eat. »

6. Offer a skills checkup to that poor principal

“Finish the sentence: If I were the principal of the school, I…”

“… quit and find a job I love. »

7. This is a good answer in my opinion

“Alice puts a slide on her microscope, but when she looks at it, she can’t see anything. Suggest a reason for this. »

“She is blind. »

8. Simple and effective

“Write a question using the word ‘why'”

” Why ? »

9. The teacher can’t take points away from him

“Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have at least 3 things in common. Quote them. »

“1) They are planets. 2) They are all round. 3) None of them have McDonald’s. »

10. The instruction does not specify whether it should be an analog or digital clock

“Draw a small clock that shows eleven o’clock and ten minutes”

11. Is it a math test?

“What ended in 1896? »


12. Gonna have to do a drug test on Marcus

“Marcus is the strongest boy in school in third grade. It could carry 5.5 kg. Now he can lift 44 kg. How much more can he carry now? »

“Marcus is on steroids. »

13. A sad but real vision of society

“Why do we pay taxes? »

“Not to be arrested”

14. A genius, no more no less

“Explain how you understood how much air they drank”

” Thinking about it “

15. After all, he chooses

“Draw a polygon” = *draw a hexagon*

“How many vertices does your polygon have?” = “6”

“What is your polygon called? = “Hot dog”

16. The proofreader deserves to be fired.

“Name a place (country, region or area) that is sparsely populated”

” The ocean “

“State an important physical reason why the area named above is sparsely populated”

“Because humans can’t breathe underwater”

17. It’s sad (but funny)

“How old is your grandfather roughly?” 50, 5 or 500 years? »

” Dead “

18. The answer was in the question

“Find an equation that is true where x=7 (be creative, you can make the equation as simple or complex as you want.)”


19. The True School of Life

“The cookie recipe calls for 1 cup butter, 4 cups flour, 1/2 cup sugar, and 4 teaspoons vanilla. But Sarag only has 1/2 cup of butter. Explain how Sarah could still bake cookies without going to the store or borrowing from a neighbor”

” Flying “

20. If I was the parent of this child, I would go to management

“Circle the smallest number”

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