Top 20 funniest girls’ lines, to release in all circumstances

The chicks we love it. It sucks but it’s great. And it’s great precisely because it sucks. However, if it is so bad it is mainly thanks to the aftershocks. This is why we are paying them here the tribute they deserve because the cinema is also made of these little nuggets. ALL THESE QUALITY REPLICAS HAVE BEEN FOUND ON THE NANARLAND SITE.

1. “- Philiiiiiipe, I know where you are hiding, come here and let me kill you motherfucker! – Shut up! Come here dirty motherfucker!

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Hitman the Cobra, 1987.

2. “- You remove everything including the Tampax, I want it to be a luxury stripping, I want sexy. Knowing how to create pleasure is quite an art. – It’s okay, I’m turning you on assay? – Right now I’ll bet you already imagine yourself sucking my cock to the rhythm of the whiplash of my balls on your face. “

Very particular mistresses, 1979.

3. “I hate you all to the highest point, you and your clique of terrorists you are just a dirty gang of low-level assassins of fucking bastards who piss off the whole world and still I remain polite so if you want to address me, try chatting to my balls instead. “

Air Strike, 2002.

4. “He’s the kind of guy who would drink a can of gasoline to be able to pee on your campfire. That guy, you dump him at the North Pole, on the ice floe with swimming trunks for all clothes, without a toothbrush and tomorrow afternoon you see him landing at your pool with a smile from ear to ear and pockets stuffed with pesos. “

Mined land, 1994.

5. “I put my feet where I want and it’s often in the face”

Missing 3, 1988.

6. “- And that’s what it is? – A blue light? – And what does it do? – Blue”

Rambo, 1982

7. “Yé born me léceré jamé manipoulé it must work this can be luck”

Honey boy, 1982.

8. “Mona, you’re bathed”

Doc Savage is coming, 1975.

9. “She died because of mouaaaaa (inaudible) I was not a good husband or a good father either but she always understood me, forgave me she trusted me she inspiraiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit (inaudible) why the innocent like always are those who must suffer BUT POURKOUAAAAAA “

Jaguar force, 1983.

10. “I want you to protect this entrance like it’s your sister’s virginity”

Mined land (bis).

11. “Where are the missiles located? – In your ass!”

Rambo 3 , 1988.

12. “- Your contact in the village is an Indian, her name is Quinquina Esquintla. – Is she sure? – Ramon first killed her husband, then he murdered her baby, and in the child’s body , he spent kilos of cocaine and he raped the girl … It may not be necessary to tell him about it when you see her. She is a very sensitive young woman. “

Delta force 2, 1990.

13. “You’re not a woman, you’re a bitch”

Terror in Hong Kong, 1995.

14. “Well at least you are consistent only you are and you will remain a bitch”

The clandestine, 1988.

15. “- Do you want to see me? Whenever you want. – After dinner tonight? – This afternoon in the village barn, OK!”

Unrecognizable impulses, 1986.

16. “Hi! I’m going to get drunk all day I found the right tail for me”

Caged women, 1982.

17. “Oh god, oh man, oh god, oh man, oh god, oh man”

Tough Guys Do not Dance, 1987.

18. “I’ll kill the queer who sent this bitch to us, she can’t tell the difference between a motor and a blender (…) I didn’t skip her so she screams at me”

Karate Tiger 2, 1989.

19. “You are worse than a suppository”

Sloane, 1985.

20. “Make an effort, my patience has limits but you shouldn’t overdo it”

Live to survive, 1985.

Otherwise we can also take a look at the cinema quotes that tell it a little.

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