Top 20 funniest discussions with delivery people, fabulous exchanges

Thanks to this marvelous invention that is home delivery, we can now obtain various objects as well as food in abundance without moving from our couch and that, my friends, is what I call the future. Of course, we’ve already talked about the worst delivery people who leave packages anywhere (and those who put them directly at the depot without even ringing your doorbell) but today, we’re sharing the best messages from delivery people, those who good fun.

2. Super delivery man, the delivery man like no other

3. Unpleasant just the way we like it

4. We don’t harass the delivery people please

5. Still happy that you’re here to receive my friend

6. The guy pushes to the room

7. Oh no, not contactless delivery!

8. “I just got this super creepy message from my delivery guy: You’re next.”


10. “Is this a threat?: Get ready to meet Muhammad Ali outside.”

11. He Probably Didn’t Expect This

“Brian, your pizza will arrive Saturday at noon. To confirm, send YES. »

– Oh thank you Dad John (pizzeria chain), you’re one hell of a handsome guy! »

– We’re sorry, we didn’t understand. Do you accept delivery?

– When I have sex, I imagine you twirling the pizza dough shirtless.

– Dude, we don’t have automatic answers yet, it’s a real person who answers you. I get paid minimum wage so just tell me if you want the pizza. »

12. You scared the delivery man

“Hey it’s David from Postmates, your delicious meal is on its way!”

– How do you know it’s delicious?

– It’s a secret !


13. “The delivery guy texted me the link to his mixtape”


15. “My dog ​​recently had a stomach ache so we asked the postman to stop giving him treats. This is what he left in our mailbox today.”

“Ollie tells me he’s cured and can eat cake again, is that true?”



17. “Okay Canada Post, that’s a good reason not to deliver my package”

“A bear at the door”


19. “Happy Holidays from the Tony Postman!”


We love good vibes. And you, what are the most unusual messages exchanged with your delivery man?

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