Top 20 Friends Cast Photos Today, They’ve Changed A Bit

If you are a true fan of Friends, you necessarily remember all the episodes but also all the secondary characters that we have seen. On the other hand, you may not know what happened to all these actors and what they look like today. Good news, we’re here to tell you all about it!

1. Rachel Green – Jennifer Aniston

Rachel is a spoiled rich kid who turns up at her childhood friend Monica’s house after deciding to call off her wedding. She loves to shop, never do the dishes and tell anyone who will listen that she wasn’t on a break with Ross. Actress Jennifer Aniston became very well known after the series and is now 52 years old.

2. Chandler Bing – Matthew Perry

Chandler is the joker of the gang who uses sarcasm whenever he feels uncomfortable. Nobody really knows what he does for work, he very rarely leaves his Barcalounger chair and takes care of his pet poultry very well. Actor Matthew Perry played in several series after Friends but never found such success.

3. Monica Geller-Courteney Cox

Monica is a very good friend who can quickly become unbearable. She is a neat freak who loves to organize everything and do things according to established rules. She prepares excellent Thanksgiving meals even if they often end very badly. Courteney Cox subsequently acted in several films and series and remained good friends with Jennifer Aniston.

4. Joey Tribbiani – Matt LeBlanc

Joey is Chandler’s best friend and a very funny character from Friends. He played Drake Ramoray and loves to remind him, he likes to eat sandwiches and never shares his food. After Friends, a spin-off of the series around Joey was filmed with Matt LeBlanc but no one ever watched this thing.

5. Phoebe Buffay – Lisa Kudrow

Phoebe is the eccentric of the group and everyone adores her. She plays improbable songs on the guitar, gives birth to her brother’s children and dates a guy who lives on the other side of the world. The actress then played in several American films but Friends remains her moment of glory.

6. Ross Geller – David Schwimmer

Ross Geller is the most hateful character on the entire show and I am weighing my words. He never misses an opportunity to remind everyone that he was on a break with Rachel, he makes fun of Joey’s bag, sleeps with Janice, fires his daughter’s babysitter and prevents Rachel from going to Paris. Alright, I’m struggling a bit. Actor David Schwimmer has subsequently played in a few films and series, he is especially the voice of Melman in Madagascar.

7. Janice – Maggie Wheeler

Janice is Chandler’s incredible ex-girlfriend who we love to see again at any point in the series. Her “Oh.. My… God…” has become cult and no one can stand her shrill laugh: she could have been a Disney villain.

8. Gunther – James Michael Tyler

Gunther is the server and manager of Central Perk, the band’s favorite cafe. He is madly in love with Rachel and therefore hates Ross with all his soul. Anecdotally, James Michael Tyler got this role because he was the only extra on set who could operate the Espresso machine and got a recurring role afterwards. He unfortunately left us and we are much too sad…

9. Emily Waltham-Helen Baxendale

Emily is the villain of the film, the character who will get in the way of the love story between Ross and Rachel. Still, when you think about it, poor Emily never did anything wrong and it was all Ross’s fault.

10. Tag Jones – Eddie Cahill

Tag is above all Rachel’s assistant, but of course, this relationship could not remain purely professional. He is young, super handsome and not very good at his job, but what does it really matter?

11. Amy Green – Christina Applegate

Amy is Rachel’s insufferable and unapologetic sister. She loves turning up unexpectedly at her sister’s whenever she has a problem with her father or her current boyfriend and always makes herself at home. Obviously, she adores Emma (even though she can’t remember her first name) and would like Rachel and Ross to die for custody of the baby.

12. Jack Geller – Elliott Gould

Jack Geller is Ross and Monica’s father and probably the most tactless man on this planet. He never understands what’s going on, loves his Porsche more than his children and drops boxes at the hospital when his granddaughter is in an incubator.

13. Richard Burke – Tom Selleck

As soon as Richard appears on the screen, the public is delirious and it is understandable, we are still talking about Magnum! Richard is the hunk with a mustache that the boys find much cooler than their father, but he is above all Chandler’s great rival and Monica’s adored ex.

14. Carol Willick – Jane Sibbett

Carol is an exceptional woman and a very good character, even if the producers thought it would not show if they changed the actress in season 1. Ben is very lucky to grow up with her…

15. Susan Bunch – Jessica Hecht

Susan is Carol’s wife, Ben’s second mother, and Ross’ nemesis. She’s always tongue-in-cheek and never misses an opportunity to prank Ross (who deserves it).

16. Julie – Lauren Tom

Julie is a paleontologist with whom Ross returns from his trip to China. She’s adorable and tries to fit in with the group but oddly, Rachel doesn’t like it too much and tries to ignore the couple’s permanent nonsense.

17. Barry Farber – Mitchell Whitfield

Barry is Rachel’s ex-fiancé but he is above all a deceitful and unfaithful guy who uses Rachel and her best friend Mindy. On top of that, he’s a very bad dentist who talks with his friends during consultations and doesn’t deign to move when a kid is choking on his braces.

18. David the Scientist – Hank Azaria

David the scientist is Phoebe’s great love but unfortunately, he has to go to Minsk to do science experiments that we don’t understand. In the end, he fails and doesn’t even end up with Phoebe (who’s much better off with that hunk Paul Rudd).

19. Paolo – Cosimo Fusco

Everyone remembers Paolo, Rachel’s boyfriend who comes straight from Italy, lives in the same building and annoys Ross a lot. He turns out to be in fact a sexual predator and it’s really terrible for poor Phoebe.

20. Frank Jr Buffay – Giovanni Ribisi

Frank Jr is Phoebe’s little brother but also the father of her children (it’s always weird when it’s said like that). He mainly likes to melt things with a blowtorch and roll big shovels at his beloved wife.

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