Top 20 French people who have dated international stars

Not long ago, we remembered certain celeb couples that we had forgotten, and then our thirst for people culture showed up again. We thought back to those Frenchies who had managed to pick up international stars and who give us trouble. We talk about it today, with admiration but also jealousy.

1. Carla Bruni, who dated Mick Jager and Eric Clapton

Not at the same time huh, but it’s still a feat. Imagine, your girlfriend has exes who are much cooler than you, it still sucks. Good after she also went out with Jean-Paul Enthoven, then with her son Raphaël. Like what.

2. Vanessa Paradis dated Lenny Kravitz and then Johnny Depp

She is the only French woman who rivals Carla Bruni in terms of love records. When we see that we say to ourselves that our life is sad and gloomy but that at least we, the scandal press don’t give a damn about our life.

3. Karim Benzema, who dated Rihanna

In 2015, the two dated several times, and even if it didn’t last, we want to say like big rednecks: “POW POW POW WELL DONE KARIM!!!! » But Riri was still in love with Chris Brown, so this story only remained a little holiday flirtation. Sadness.

4. Ophelie Winter dated Prince

Once upon a time, there was Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, and his rival Prince, the… Prince of Pop. So very heavy. And it is in this very heavy that Ophélie Winter has managed to type. A queen. Or a princess. We do not forget that she also went out with Alain Chabat. OK he’s French, but he’s still almost as good as Prince.

5. Benjamin Millepied, who is married to Natalie Portman

Either way, they’re the ultimate pair of perfection: Natalie is a super actress who’s starred in big movies, and Benjamin is a New York City Ballet star dancer and former Paris Opera Ballet Director. Who can compete, frankly? WHO ?

Top 20 french people who have dated international stars
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6. Tony Parker, who was married to Eva Longoria

There too, the couple was a dream, but after 7 years of love, it was the divorce and the sadness of the French nation. A page that turns in our hearts.

Top 20 french people who have dated international stars
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7. Brahim Zaibat, who dated Madonna

This is also the only reason for which we know the dancer in France: since he nabbed the queen of pop, he had the right to do Dance with the stars, Fort Boyard and The Island (do you remember The Islandthe Koh Lanta without tests?) How to choose your crush well is the key to success.

8. François-Henri Pinault, who is married to Salma Hayek

When you’re a billionaire entrepreneur, you meet beautiful people, and when you meet beautiful people, you can date beautiful people, like Mexican-American-Lebanese (take your breath) actress Salma Hayek. That’s life.

9. Celine Balitran, who dated George Clooney

Another trick that allows you to catch on internationally is to be an international model yourself. Let’s say it makes things easier… You know what you have to do if you want to date a Hollywood actor.

Top 20 french people who have dated international stars
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10. Vincent Cassel, who stayed with Monica Bellucci for a long time

Their story lasted 17 years, and Cassel represented perfection in our eyes (since Monica was also perfect in our eyes). But that was before the separation. Now, Cassel is dating a model 32 years younger than him, and it’s immediately a little less beautiful.

11. Olivier Sarkozy, who was married to Mary-Kate Olsen

Unlike many couples in this top, this one inspired a lot of fear and unease in us. But the nightmare is now over since the two have divorced. Apparently, Olivier liked partying too much and it was getting Marie-Kate drunk. It’s funny, we would have imagined the opposite. We should have fewer prejudices finally. It’s a great life lesson.

12. Yves Montand, who dated Marilyn Monroe

Yves Montand was already married to Simone Signoret when he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe. Sacred Yves, he nabs one of the biggest stars in the history of stars, and in addition his marriage is holding up. Not very jojo but well played.

13. Romain Dauriac, who was married to Scarlett Johansson

The guy is a journalist and publicist, but we must admit that we only know him for having lived with Scarlett Johansson (which is already an accomplishment in itself for any normal human being).

14. Mr. Pokora, who is married to Christina Milian

Well, you don’t have to know her (like us), but Christina is a star in the States. And then Mr. Pokora, you know him, you adore him, moreover you learned by heart the words of Mr. Pokora to charm the lady, and we congratulate you on it.

15. Catherine Deneuve, who was in a relationship with Marcello Mastroianni

One is the pride of France, the other of Italy, the two have made their country shine all over the world, and they have given little kisses for 4 years. The beautiful story.

16. Guillaume Canet, who was in a relationship with Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger speaks French so well that we tend to forget that she is German and American and that she is a big international re-sta. We also tend to forget that she was married to Canet before he got together with Marion Cotillard and that she, for her part, consoled herself with Norman Reedus. Can’t they date anonymous people for a change?

Top 20 french people who have dated international stars

17. Olivier Martinez, who was married to Halle Berry

On one side, a French actor that we know vaguely. On the other, Halle Berry. Nothing to add.

18. Louis Marie de Castelbajac, who dated Dita Von Teese

The son of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, who was therefore born with a superb surname and a silver spoon in his mouth, stayed 3 years with Dita Von Teese, the burlesque dancer and erotic model. No one could have foreseen this incongruous mix.

19. Thomas Mars, who is married to Sofia Coppola

The Versailles singer of Phoenix is ​​doing everything well in his life, he has earned our eternal respect and the heart of Sofia Coppola, and they are all cute together.

Top 20 french people who have dated international stars
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20. (Bonus) Afida Turner, who married Tina Turner’s son

Well ok, the guy is not really a star, moreover we forgot his first name, but it’s still not bad for an ex-candidate of the loft. That’s a good reason to worship Afida Turner, isn’t it?

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