Top 20 Evening Games: Fun, Equipment-Free Activities for Friends

Tonight, we’re having a night out with friends and everyone’s having a good time. We thought of peanuts, we thought of funny hats and Daniel even made guacamole! On the other hand, we forgot the paper, the pens and the playing cards and since we have nothing left to say to each other, it would have been nice to play some party games with friends. Fortunately we are here to teach you games

I have never

If you like drinking games, “I have never” is a safe bet and you can obviously play it without consuming alcohol. We remind ourselves of the rules: the first person proposes a situation that they have never experienced and those who have already done it must drink.

Examples of “I have never”: “I have never vomited in the street” or “I have never had sex with anyone in this room”

The 21

21 is one of those games where all the guests of an evening have different rules, so we will explain ours to you and you are free to adapt them.

The goal is simple: Go around the table counting to 21 without being the one who will have to say 21. You can say one, two or three numbers by pointing to your neighbor on the right or left who will have to continue.

Every time someone messes up, they drink and we start again. Whoever says 21 must drink and invent a rule: replace a number with a word, reverse numbers or associate a number with an action. When we make a mistake, we drink and start again.

Examples of special rules: “We replace the 3 with the word duvet”, “We reverse the 7 and the 9”, “We must touch our noses while saying 15”

The portrait game

It’s like a guessing game except that you don’t have little yellow stickers to put on your forehead, so you trust a master of the game. He thinks of a character, fictional or not, and you have to guess who it is by asking questions. It’s also a great car game because you don’t have to look at yourself to play it.

Truth or Dare ?

We all played this game in middle school to try to catch our secret crush, but if we imagine actions a little funnier than “galoche Antoine” or “do a roll”, this game can still be entertaining as an adult.

The game of three names

For this game to work without any equipment, you need a game master. At the start of each round, everyone closes their eyes and the game master will ask one of the players to give him three very distant words with a theme. common. The game master will say these three words and the other players must guess the theme AND the person who chose these words. The best thing is to choose words and themes that will make everyone laugh through shared memories.

The frangilles

The game simply consists of translating live the lyrics originally in English of well-known songs. Players must then find out which song it is. If you sing, it’s much too simple; the best is therefore to simply declaim. It is also possible to say the words in another tune to destabilize the audience.


When we play Contact, a player plays against all the others for a round, let’s call him game master. He must think of a word, let’s say “FOAM” and reveal the first letter, the “M”. The other players must guess this word as a team: to obtain more letters, they must trick the game master by creating points of contact between them: they must try to think of the same word (which begins with M) at the same time. One of the players will try the word MASK, so they will challenge the other players by saying a related word (for example, CARNIVAL or BATMAN). Quickly, one of the players must respond by saying “CONTACT” followed by the word MASK (if they guessed correctly) at the same time as the first player. If they guess correctly, the game master must reveal a new letter of their word MOUSSE, in this case an O. If the players are wrong or the game master finds the word MASQUE before them, the game continues without a letter additional.


As in the old Antenne 2 show, the goal is to have people guess words in two, three or four synonyms. Two teams compete. To make it go quickly, the words must be planned at the start of the game by the two people who are guessing. No need for Patrice Laffont or Pépita (only the old ones will have the ref).

Neither yes nor no

The principle of the game is very simple. During a conversation you should never answer yes or no. If you say it, you lose. A game very popular with under 10s, boring at 20, fun after a few drinks.

Rock, paper, scissors

To play this game you only need your hands but be careful. This requires a certain skill since you must reproduce fairly precise shapes identically: a stone, a sheet, scissors but also a well. NO we’re kidding, especially not a well. You’re going to have a lot of fun and since we’re friendly, we’ll explain how to win at Rock Paper Scissors.

The mime game

No, it’s not about taboo or Times Up. The game of mimes does not need a board or cards to exist, it is enough to designate a master of the game for each game and he must whisper in the ear of a player the word to guess to the rest of the players . The player who makes the word and the player who guesses it each wins a point. At the end, whoever has the most points has the right to start again.

The Arabic telephone

You can start playing it with 3 people or more but it’s boring, the best is to have around ten people. The players form a line or a circle; the first player arrives with a message and whispers it into the second person’s ear. The second player repeats the message to the third player, and so on. When the last player is reached, he announces out loud the message he heard. The first person on the list then compares the original message with the final version (which is obviously very crazy otherwise the game is of no interest).

The game of “would you rather…”

To push yourself to your moral limits, you can throw up stupid dilemmas that start with “Would you rather…”. We all did it as kids and it’s still just as funny and stupid as adults.

Example of “Would you prefer?” »: “Would you rather have to retake your license 10 times while paying for all the necessary hours at once or never be able to drive again in your life? »

The Undercover

To play Undercover without cards or an application, you need a game master. The latter will choose two words that are fairly close. The first word will be whispered in the ears of all but three players. Two of the three remaining players will have the other word and the last one will have no words. Then, the game begins: each player in turn must say a word that has a close or distant link with the word that was whispered to them. The goal is to find out who the three Undercover are and they must pretend to have the same word as the others.

Example words: China and Japan, beach and swimming pool, pizza and lasagna

The game that plagiarizes “LOL: whoever laughs, gets out!”

If you’ve never watched the series LOL: whoever laughs, gets out!, we explain the rules of the game to you: you must try to make the other participants laugh by all means without laughing yourself. It was fun to watch with actors and comedians and we all said the same thing: “it would be even funnier with my friends”.

The game of invented names

The game is very simple but you need to have a little imagination. Everyone introduces themselves in turn with an invented name; it is forbidden to mention the names of people you know or celebrities. It’s better if the names have funny soundings and it’s even funnier if it forms a play on words like in Mr. Madam jokes. The first person to make a mistake or run out of ideas loses.

Examples of funny names: Jean-Luc Nicromarde, Cindy Chabouleau or Jérémy Molette if you want a play on words.

The game of complicity

It’s the same principle as in the show The Z’amours : we make pairs of people who know each other well and we ask them questions. No need for a slate, just respond at the same time to check if their connection is real.

Example questions: ” At what age [nom de l’un des deux] had sex for the first time? », “Where do you see yourself the most? », “In what year did you meet? »

The “Who among us?”

No need for convoluted explanations for this game: each in turn, the players ask a question to the group which begins with “Which of us…?” “. You must then vote all at the same time by pointing your finger at someone.

Example of “Who among us?” »: “Which of us is going to drink the most this evening? », “Who among us has kissed the most people? », “Who among us is the laziest? »

The killer

If you miss elementary school games but don’t have a ball to play tomato with, it’s still possible to play killer. You have to be in a circle or around a table to play and the detective closes his eyes while a killer is chosen. Then, the killer must kill all the other players by winking at each one without being caught by the detective.

We know the song

The game round begins by choosing a simple word that can be found in many songs, “sun” for example. Then, everyone must quote a song and/or hum a piece of song that includes the word in question. The one who is wrong or has no more ideas has lost and we change the word. Of course, we can translate the word into several languages ​​to find more ideas.

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