Top 20 details you didn’t notice in The Office, surprises galore

For those who have seen the incredible series The Office (US version, still better than the English version which was also not bad, don’t believe), it is likely that you missed a few details. And at the same time they are not always easy to capture since it is often little things that happen in the background or which on first viewing can go completely unnoticed. But don’t panic, we’ll show you several of them, which shouldn’t prevent you from putting down your mobile phone the next time you watch a series. If you still haven’t seen this gem, fix that by reading the reasons to watch The Office.

1. The actors actually played solitaire

If in the first seasons we can often see the employees playing solitaire on their computers, it is because the actors actually played it between takes. They even had tournaments and it was the actress who plays Meredith who kept the title of champion the longest.

Top 20 details you didnt notice in The Office surprises
Picture credits: The Office

2. Kevin’s character has an important note hanging next to his desk.

A little simple, a little light, the character of Kevin has become a gif factory over the years. But on top of that he’s really funny even when he doesn’t want to be, so next to his desk there’s a piece of paper with the words “don’t eat yellow snow”. It’s fun, like the other best gifs from The Office.

3. The really really funny Dunder Mifflin newsletter

We see it appear on a wall several times without seeing the text too much, but this one is quite funny:

“As anyone can guess, this newsletter is not a real one. It’s just an accessory that dresses the wall and looks like a newsletter without really being a newsletter. By writing lots of words in a column, you can really give the impression of writing a newsletter… Besides, you could even get away with not writing real words, like kjavbiwiwpo, avcviqvck or the much appreciated dfbiouvsuiegphenlk. These words can even be put together to make sentences, paragraphs or even a book accessory. »

4. When Jim signs Meredith’s cast he signs it with his real name.

You can see in the image that actor John Krasinski signed his real name and not that of his character Jim Halpert.

5. Dunder Mifflin’s address is a nod to the English series

In one episode we see the exact address of the company Dunder Mifflin which is located at 1725 Slough Avenue in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It is the name of the avenue which is a big nod to the original series which takes place in the town of Slough in Berkshire.

6. Pam refuses to marry Roy for a reason she doesn’t care about marrying Jim

When she refuses to marry Roy, Pam says she doesn’t want to get married on a boat without her parents present. When she finally marries Jim it happens on a boat and her parents aren’t there, so Roy was the problem.

7. Jim’s name is misspelled at his wedding.

Speaking of Pam and Jim’s infamous wedding, the name Halpert has a typo on the wedding reception’s welcome sign. Obviously it is voluntary but discreet.

8. The cars in the parking lots were those of the actors

In the early seasons most of the cars in the parking lot were those of the actors themselves. In a certain scene Dwight had to stomp in a car and it was the vehicle of the actress who plays Phyllis, which logically made the poor lady stress.

9. Michael Saves Lives

In an episode of season 4 Michael opens the door of his sinking car for no apparent reason. Except that in reality it opens to allow the cameraman to get out of the vehicle.

10. In several seasons Michael is dressed the same for Christmas.

In seasons 2, 3 and 5 Michael wears the same suit, shirt and tie in the Christmas episodes. Well if you noticed that you can apply to the FBI frankly.

11. When Dwight makes an organizational chart of the company he reveals a funny detail.

Creed Bratton’s name is the only one in quotes, which means he suspects him of using a false identity, which is funny when you see that Creed’s character is frankly the most enigmatic of the whole box.

12. Creed has his arrest photo hanging next to his desk.

Which plays once again on his enigmatic past of criminal potential who has changed his identity.

13. Jan uses a bogus excuse for not having Dwight at her party.

During the episode of dinner at Jan’s, she refuses to invite Dwight on the pretext that she does not have enough wine glasses. But later we realize that she has so much that she serves wine and water to each guest in wine glasses.

14. Toby really likes Michael (while acting like a motherfucker to him)

In one episode Toby is part of Power 4 with Michael when he is at his lowest, so he lets him win so that he regains his self-confidence and stops devaluing himself.

15. We see several times the teapot that Jim gave to Pam

In a very touching episode, Jim offers Pam a teapot in which he leaves several pieces of paper on which memories lived together are written. It’s very cute, but what’s even more so is that Pam continues to use the famous teapot in several episodes of the series and it makes me want to cry.

16. Dunder Mifflin received a completely dumb award

In one episode you can see behind Michael a certificate that looks like a diploma or something, but when you look closer you realize it’s a piece of paper congratulating the company for “cutting a million trees” (since the company sells paper).

17. Michael is addicted to sugar (really)

Several episodes show us Michael consuming sugary products (and even fainting after too large a dose) and his addiction to the product is even pushed to its climax when we see him in one scene pouring powdered sugar into his diet soda can. .

18. Creed Barton’s real name

The character of Creed reveals at one point that as soon as he has a financial problem he passes on his debts to a certain William Charles Schneider. Except the funny thing about it is that in real life the actor is called William Charles Schneider and uses the pseudonym Creed Barton. Completely meta.

19. The Scranton Strangler would be a team member

During one episode, reference is made to a serial killer nicknamed the Scranton strangler and during a chase scene on TV, we see the famous killer’s car. The thing is, that same car is also present in the office at times, which raises the question of whether it’s one of the team members. Fans also think it’s Toby or Creed.

20. Michael kills several fish in his business

When Michael starts his own business Michael Scott Paper Company we see on his desk a small aquarium with fish. The thing is that with each new shot of the aquarium we realize that the fish have changed, implying that the others are dead.