Top 20 Details You Didn’t Notice in Inside Out

Often when you’re at the movies, you’re caught up in the story and you don’t try to find all the little hidden details of the movies (unless you’re a little dumb at the movies). After a review, research on the web and with the help of the Movie Details twitter account, here we are ready to reveal all the details that you had not seen in the film Inside Out. For the most curious, we also have the details hidden in Hercules and the details hidden in Ratatouille, quality cartoons.

1. Riley’s clothes

As the film progresses, Riley becomes increasingly unhappy and her outfits reflect this development. At the start of the film, Riley is fine and his t-shirt is multicolored. As she tries hard to adapt to her new surroundings, the little girl tries to stay cheerful and wears a yellow vest. Towards the end, Riley is not well at all and her clothes are dark and dingy, even black.

2. Bing-Bong’s drawing

The drawing of Bing-Bong made by Riley as a child was actually drawn by the cinematographer’s then 7-year-old son. The design was recreated in animation in the film.

3. The Look of Joy

Of the characters in Riley’s head, Joy is the most distinctive emotion. Already, she is the only one without a shadow because she is literally a source of light. Also, while the other emotions only have one color, Joy has blue hair and a blue aura around her. This is probably to designate the fact that joy cannot exist without sadness.

4. Arlo the Dinosaur

Pixar likes to subtly announce its upcoming films. In Inside Out, we can see two characters from the upcoming Pixar film “The Voyage of Arlo” (2015). The Collector (a styracosaurus with birds on its head) and Arlo’s legs appear in a family photo in Riley’s memorabilia.

Top 20 details you didn't notice in inside out

5. The Dream Diary

Every day, Anger reads a newspaper called “The Mind Reader”. Newspaper headlines are always tied to Riley’s daily life and what’s bothering her. The image reads: “No dessert! “.

6. Wall-E’s Shoe

As Bing-Bong rummages through his belongings, he finds an old brown shoe. It’s the exact same shoe that Wall-E uses to protect his plant.

Top 20 details you didn't notice in inside out

7. House of Cards

When Joy and Sadness are in Riley’s long-term memory, Bing-Bong destroys a house of cards. Card designs are directly inspired by Riley’s life. We can see that his father is the king, his mother the queen and Riley is the valet. It’s not a J (like Jack) but an R like Riley on the card.

8. The Nemo Game

Next to the house of cards in Riley’s long-term memory is a deck with Nemo drawn on it. The game is called “Find Me” because the original version of the film is called “Finding Nemo”.

Top 20 details you didn't notice in inside out

9. Colette from Ratatouille

As baby Riley plays “The floor is lava” in the living room, a familiar character can be seen on the cover of the magazine resting on the table. It’s Colette, the cook from the movie Ratatouille.

10. Fall into a hole

In the dream factory gallery, which looks like a film studio, a poster on the wall catches our attention. The graphics are a nod to the movie “Vertigo” (“Cold Sweats”) but the title “I’m falling for a very long time into a pit” is reminiscent of the story of Alice in Wonderland.

Top 20 details you didn't notice in inside out

11. Tastes by country

In the American and French versions, Riley hates the broccoli that can be seen on her plate as a child and on the pizza at the pizzeria. In Japan, the most hated vegetable of children is the green pepper. In the Japanese version, we see this vegetable instead of broccoli.

12. Sport by country

When you’re in the mind of Riley’s dad, the emotions look at a hockey game in the American version. In the French version, they are watching a football match.

13. Pixar’s Bullet

As with nearly every Pixar film, the star-adorned Toy Story ball appears in Riley’s living room at the start of the film.

Top 20 details you didn't notice in inside out

14. Opinions and facts

When Joy, Sadness, and Bing-Bong are moving through the train of thought, Joy drops a box labeled “Opinions.” Bing-Bong puts them in an identical box with a “facts” label.

15. Disney Castle

As Riley’s mastermind workers destroy the sets, a castle is smashed with the wrecking ball and explodes in a spray of confetti. This castle is obviously Disney’s emblematic castle.

Top 20 details you didn't notice in inside out

16. Sid’s T-Shirt

In Riley’s classroom, one of the characters wears a t-shirt that looks a lot like Sid’s in the first Toy Story.

17. Parent Emotions

In Riley’s mother’s head, Sadness is in charge, while in the father’s head, it’s Anger. We can deduce that the mother has problems with depression, even depression, and that the father has regular outbursts of anger. No wonder the little girl wanted to run away from home.

18. Chinese noodle box

Riley is disgusted with eating Chinese takeout food from cardboard boxes. This box can be found in many Pixar films: 1001 Paws, Ratatouille and Monsters and Co.

Top 20 details you didn't notice in inside out

19. Bin-Bong Can’t Read

Bin-Bong can’t read the sign that says “Do Not Enter When Lights Are On”. It’s probably because Riley invented it when she couldn’t read.

20. Memory Balls

At the end of the movie, all the memory balls on the shelves are red, purple, and green because Joy and Sadness were gone all day.

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