Top 20 Cult Movies Summarized In The Dumbest Way Possible (and It’s Funny)

You know the synopses, like on Allociné, where in a few lines we try to describe a film to you to make you want to see it. Well, on Twitter, some have decided to make anti-synopses, and to tell films in the most boring way possible, just to take away all their interest. Would you have been to the movies if you had read these descriptions?

Ps: If you’re with your friends, try to make them guess the movies in question.

1. The Lord of the Rings: “A guy finds a ring, and his nephew brings it back to the factory.”

2. Titanic: “An old lady tells a story about a ship on another ship.”

3. Indiana Jones: “A professor skips work to find a box placed in the wrong place.”

4. Endless Day: “A man turns off his alarm clock 3176 times.”

5. Holy Grail: “A group of knights are looking for a cup, and none of them has a horse.”

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: “A candy factory makes millions by tricking people into buying its products for the chance to visit its factory that violates numerous labor and safety laws.”

7. Star Wars Episode IV: “A political showdown ensues after a structural flaw is discovered in a government building.”

8. The Shining: “Husband loses patience with his family at an all-inclusive winter resort.”

9. Ratatouille: “A 4-star restaurant earns a 5th star because a reviewer liked their rat’s food.”

10. Up: “An old man hangs some balloons at his house to honor his deceased wife.”

11. Jurassic Park: “A rich guy buys an island and puts old lizards in it.”

12. Star Wars (the saga): “9 films about a family that fucks up an entire galaxy.”

13. Matrix: “A guy takes a pill, so he learns stuff, but he’s not sure if he likes to learn stuff.”

14. Mom I missed the plane: “A boy is forgotten at home during the Christmas holidays. He is making mac n cheese.”

15. The Exorcist: “A bad-tempered teenager is punished in her room and is visited by 2 priests to discuss and help her solve her problems.”

We made some for our French films because the Americans don’t care about our films

16. Welcome to the Ch’tis: “A postman is transferred to the other end of France and becomes an alcoholic.”

17. Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra: “An architect takes drugs to complete his project within the time set by his superior.”

18. The Big Blue: “A guy knows how to hold his breath for a really long time but he ends up drowning.”

19. Grave: “Vegetarian finds out she likes meat.”

20. From beating my heart stopped: “A real estate agent begins a professional retraining to become a pianist.”

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