Top 20+ craziest gifts, for those who want the extraordinary

Because you are not like the others. Because you like things out of the ordinary and you are simply EXTRAORDINARY. You need gift inspirations in your image, far from the bouquet of flowers, the box of chocolates or a much too long novel by Gustave Flaubert. We say stop. We’ve sketched out a nice list of presents for you, each more disproportionate than the other, to get out of the ordinary and clearly make a difference when unwrapping the long-awaited presents (and you’ll laugh as it should be when he opens the book nullos by uncle Raymond). We prefer to warn, everything may not be within your means. Nor in ours for that matter.

Before adopting anything, opt for vines. Yes, remotely, you will be able to write your name on vines and receive their wine. Obviously, the quality is superior (well, unless you do anything).

Price : from 200 at Cuvee Privee

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A life of roots? Phew, it’s not for you. You’re more like a snow-white bathrobe, fleece slippers and a jacuzzi instead of a bath. This night in a 5-star hotel will give you all the comfort you deserve, between a heated swimming pool, a service that pampers you and a spa under the sign of relaxation. A delight.

Price : from 100 at Staycation

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For a breathtaking gift, like the landscapes that you will necessarily admire during this jump.

Price : from 245 at Funbooker

1654597277 321 Top 45 meilleures idees dactivites EVJF

We never tell you enough but you are a princess / prince. And you deserve, if only for a few days, a trip to a castle. The time has come to grant that wish. After you madam/sir.

Price : from 500 at Airbnb

Top 20 craziest gifts for those who want the

Wow. This onomatopoeia you will repeat throughout your stay. Jordan is the kind of country where every time you look away, you see something EVEN more beautiful. And then there is Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world. Simply sublime.

1657971471 85 Top 20 craziest gifts for those who want the

To finally take to doing real drifts and bring out the pilot who is in you.

Price : from 39 at Cap Adrenaline

1657971471 887 Top 20 craziest gifts for those who want the

If there is one thing to do in your life just to be able to tell it to yourself, it’s a little hot air balloon flight, why? Well, because we too often forget that it exists, so each experience remains in the annals.

Price : from 11 at Funbooker

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To go on vacation or for a weekend in the most spectacular way possible! Or just for a short walk that changes hiking paths.

Price : from 75 at Wingly

1643887296 263 Top 30 unusual activities as a couple in France

To take off gently towards new horizons. Go for your first flight for moderate thrills.

Price : from 60 at Funbooker

1643887285 828 Top 30 unusual activities as a couple in France

FINISHED. You can tell your friends not to call you “brother”, “poto” or even worse, “colleague”. Now it’s Lord Joel. You are the proud owner of a plot in Scotland.

Price : from 36 at High Land Titles

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Yes yes, you read that right. A forest. Wild camping, the lumberjack’s apron or even the start of a good horror movie script is yours.

Price : from 165000 at Plot for Sale

1657971473 125 Top 20 craziest gifts for those who want the

Failing to adopt a guy, adopt a castle. It’s much easier to live with, comfortable and faithful. You will participate in the conservation of French heritage and help the 30,000 castles in danger. The good cause is one thing, class is another story.

Price : from 1 at Adopt a castle

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How romantic. Ah there, we can’t do more rose water, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt. You can offer a star. And we’re not talking about a piece of fluorescent plastic, a blanket or a good rating on Tripadvisor, not a REAL star. You will receive a certificate, an explanatory file, an entry on the register of stars and the link of a software. And this is the cheapest version, imagine the formula offers. Awesome.

Price : from 49 at Buy a star

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You had to read the sentence 3x before you had any semblance of understanding. We will explain everything to you. It’s simple, you send the date of your meeting (or first kiss, or kiss ++ or wedding) and presto, you receive a poster of the constellation of the day of the event. Aesthetic and sentimental are the two watchwords. WHAT IT IS MEUGNOOOOON.

Price : from 60 at The Night Sky

1657971476 325 Top 20 craziest gifts for those who want the

We prefer to warn you cash, you will not literally adopt a koala in your Parisian 20m2. And this, even if it would make a good cuddly toy. NO BUT IT’S NOT OK OR WHAT. On the other hand, you will participate in the good cause and above all, in the health of these little animals that are far too cute for this world.

Price : from 1 at Koala Hospital

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If there’s one thing you can’t control, it’s weightlessness. Oops, no that’s wrong. We will thank Airbus for its eccentric ideas of defiance of the law of gravity. What an idea. More than a dozen times, you will float in the air like a Cooper in Interstellar. If you have the extra charisma, frankly, hats off to the artist.

Price : from 6900 at Air Zero G

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Everytime it’s the same. You’re thinking of ordering something other than pasta with truffles at the restaurant, but again, it’s always those starchy brown sauces that end up between your two cutlery. Becoming a truffle grower is your destiny. For more than 20 years, you will become the owner of a truffle tree. You will participate in the meetings, in the good health of your little secret garden. So a big commitment.

Price : from 750 at Truffle Alena

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“But Kevin, how do they make that noise in Star Wars??” “SHUUUUUT Sarah, not now”. Because Kévin never gives you the answers to your questions, this workshop will show you exactly how dubbing and sound effects are made. Who knows, maybe you will be the next voice of R2D2.

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You, a cocktail in hand, turquoise water on all horizons. Yes, you will live your best life on this luxury ship, the time of a stay. The jet set does not come close to your ankle.

Price : from 1424 at Dream Yacht Charter

1657971479 655 Top 20 craziest gifts for those who want the

Masaai, this charming man who has an incredible connection with elephants, will give you the opportunity to meet these majestic beasts, with respect and ethics. THANK YOU MASAAI, we love you.

Price : from 422 at Airbnb Experiences

1657971480 52 Top 20 craziest gifts for those who want the

Beneath your muggle looks hides a real wizard, ready to face Voldemort’s “avada kedavra”. What better than to visit the Warner Bros studios to put yourself in the shoes of a wand madman. And what a gift idea. More original does not exist, we tell you. So bring back your ginger homie and zeeee gone.

Price : from 110.9 at Viator

1657971480 652 Top 20 craziest gifts for those who want the

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