Top 20 Catalan specialties

Historically, Catalonia is the region that encompasses the surroundings of Perpignan on the side of France to the south of Barcelona in Spain. Today, it is delimited above all to Spain thanks to this strong feeling of identity which wants to make them become independent. From the point of view of gastronomy, there is little difference between the French and Spanish parts (except for the name of the dishes): lots of oil, tomato, garlic and onion, decorated with wine and beer. We don’t waste a minute, we sit down and we salivate in front of our selection of dishes.


1. Catalan charcuterie

Cheese and charcuterie are on the menu of the Catalans, in tapas or sandwiches, all you have to do is choose between the dolça de Girone, the secallona, ​​the Llonganissa, the fuet, the sobrassade or the boutifarres…

2. Escalivada

Bake eggplants, peppers and other vegetables you have on hand very slowly. Then cut them into strips.

3. Pa amb tomàquet

No, it’s not a simple tomato bread! It is an institution. Tomato bread is spread before eating as an accompaniment to charcuterie, sardines or meats.

4. Catalan mushrooms

In Catalonia, you will find Rovellón, guíscano or níscalo. A little oil, parsley and garlic and you’re done.

5. All i oli

We can call it the Aioli of Catalonia. Pretty much the same recipe except that you don’t put eggs in the traditional recipe, only garlic and oil.


6. Bowls of picolat

Originally from the northern part of Catalonia, these dumplings are made with minced meat, beans, olives, tomatoes, garlic and parsley.

7. Ouillade

A large stew made from meat and vegetables that must simmer for a long time.

8. Bouillinade

The famous Catalan bouillabaisse.

9. Cargolade

In Catalonia, we love snails. We even grill them on a barbecue until they stop drooling. They are then eaten with a good All i oli around the fire.

10. Catalan Sauce

The sauce that simply accompanies meat, fish, vegetables. A tomato sauce with garlic, onion, parsley and olive oil.

11. Fideuada

A specialty of southern Catalonia (or even Valencia), the principle is to cook pasta in a fish broth and add squid, cuttlefish and other langoustines. It’s a pasta paella.

12. Catalan Stouffat

Stew is a dish from the South: from Bordeaux, through northern Italy to Barcelona. You have to simmer meat and vegetables for a long time in red wine.

13. Calcotada

To celebrate the new year, we eat calçots, onions from the south of Catalonia, grilling them on the barbecue. To really enjoy it, you have to go to Valls in Spain at the end of January.

14. Sarsuela

Another bouillabaisse common to the entire Spanish Mediterranean coast.

15. Parrillada

An assortment of grilled meats and fish to fill your stomach.


16. Catalan cream

Internationally famous, born in Catalonia. Even if physically it resembles crème brûlée, the cream is replaced by milk. Which definitely makes it lighter.

17. Pastisset

Little stuffed slippers.

18. Mel i mató

A sheep’s cheese that can be eaten sweetened with honey.

19. Coke

Nothing to do with coca-cola, this soft cake is made from ground almonds.


20. Good fat booze

The best known internationally is cava. However, the very contrasting relief of the region gives a great diversity of wine and grape variety. You will find something for all tastes: rosé, red and white.

21. Cervesa

The Moritz brand comes to us from Barcelona. After having disappeared for several decades, it is now trying to return.

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