Top 20+ best Toto jokes

Toto is one of the greatest symbols of humor in France. A paragon of puns, he undoubtedly enters the Pantheon of the greatest humorists of French popular culture. Lulled since our earliest childhood by his witticisms, and his sharp (not to say acid!) humor, his jokes still act on us like a Proust madeleine of our biggest jokes from the playground. And between us, how good it feels to laugh in these times (the crisis, the wars in the world, hunger, and all those things that sometimes make us lose our smile against our will), there is nothing like immerse yourself again in this fanciful verve which does not lack imagination.

This top is illustrated with people laughing, so you are aware of the emotion to follow.

When Toto plays provocatively with the education system

It’s the story of the teacher who said to her students “Let anyone who feels stupid get up” (a bit like this teacher’s classes, apparently, she got fired afterwards). Suddenly, Toto gets up. The teacher asks him “Do you think you are stupid Toto? “. Neither one, nor two, Toto replies “No ma’am, but it pained me to see you standing all alone”…

When Toto publicly humiliates his father

– Dad, look at the plane. – Yes, I saw Toto. – Dad, look at the car. – Yes, I saw Toto. – Dad, look at the lady with her dog. – Yes I saw Toto. – Dad, look at her… – Yes, I saw it! – Well, why did you walk in it?

Small valve on conjugation

It’s the story of the teacher who asks Toto: “Recite to me the verb walk in the present tense. » Toto replies “I…walk…you…you…walk…”, but the teacher urges him, come on, faster Toto! To which he replies “Uh…I’m running uh…you’re running he’s running…”

Special treat-dedicated to grannies

It’s the teacher who asks Toto “Name a mammal that doesn’t have teeth”… “My grandmother? “.

Small climatic valve

It’s Toto’s mistress who asks him: “Toto, when I say “it was raining,” what kind of weather do we mean? ”, and there Toto responds “Bad weather, ma’am!” “.

Small geographic valve

It’s the story of Toto going to see his mother, crying his eyes out “- Mom, Mom… I hurt myself! – Where ? – Over there ! »

For the baby community

It’s the story of Toto’s mother who said to him “Will you help me change your little brother?” ”, and Toto responds “Why, is it already worn out? “.

Big madness on the ski slope

It’s the story of Toto who goes sledding with his sister. Their mother asks him “Tell me Toto darling, are you thinking of lending your sled to your sister? “. Toto replies “Yes mom, I have it for going down and she has it for going up”. Hahaha how facetious this oddball Toto is.

Special cace-deci to all puzzlelocos

It’s the story of Toto who very proudly announces to those it may concern: “I’ve broken all the records!” I finished this puzzle in an hour, even though it said 2 to 4 years on the box.” Hahaha, hell of a troublemaker, this Toto. And, do you also like difficult puzzles with more than 15,000 pieces?

When Toto has a binge

It’s the story of Toto’s father who asks him: “- Tell me Toto, there were two pieces of cake in the fridge… Can you explain to me why there is only one left? – I didn’t realize there was another one! “. BUT WHAT A GOURMET THIS TOTO.

When Toto has too many pets

It’s the story of Toto’s mother who asks him: “–Toto! The parrot has disappeared! Have you noticed anything unusual in my absence? – Apart from the cat who started talking? No, I don’t see.” Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan the prank! it’s the cat that ate the zozio that means lol ^^

When Toto gets into trouble

It’s the story of Toto who comes home from school and tells his dad with a heart full of joy and pride, “I got a 20!” “. His father, moved to tears, quickly asked him in what subject he was able to excel so well. To which his son, his battle, replies “3 in History, 8 in French, 9 in Maths”.

Small mathematical valve

It’s the story of the teacher who asks Toto to name ten African animals. And Toto responds “The giraffe, the elephant and… 8 lions!” “. That’s for sure, he got it.

When Toto is victimized by the school

It’s the story of Toto who comes home after his first day at school. His mother said to him: “So Toto, have you learned a lot of things today? – Not enough in any case, they want me to go back tomorrow. »

The return of the weird mistress

It’s the story of Toto who ate eggs for breakfast (the story doesn’t specify whether he ate them soft-boiled, soft-boiled, or scrambled, so I’ll let your imagination run wild on this dark aspect. of story). Once he arrives in linear and bilinear algebra class (Toto is in M2 of applied mathematics in this story), his teacher asks him the existential question: “you are going to give me the pleasure of counting from 1 to 10, my little friend » (she didn’t understand that his name was Toto, there are people to get diplomas but to correctly read the sheet with the list of students, that’s another kettle of fish).

Toto, like a good calculation pro, recites “ ma’am!” »

WHAAAAAAAT? The teacher tells him that he forgot 9 (not without a touch of contempt). To which Toto responds with legendary confidence, “I know, I ate it this morning.”

Had to think about it

Totally taken aback, the schoolmaster asks Toto why he had the idea of ​​writing the word “soap” three times in his essay with a capital “s”. “I thought it was a proper name sir!” “. Kids are great, don’t you think?

It makes sense

– Where is Everest? – Page 45 of the geography book!

Always into dirty tricks, this Toto.

A teacher who doesn’t know what he wants

Toto tells a friend:

– My teacher is weird. The other day, while I was chatting with my neighbor, he said: “separate or I’ll stick you”!

So it’s not always Toto who says anything

This is Toto’s story. He’s in class, and the teacher asks where America is. Toto proudly raises his finger and goes to point to America on the board. The teacher then moves on to the following question: “Who discovered America? ”, and all the students respond in chorus “Totooooo”. Not the sharpest knives, between us.

For alphabet addicts

Toto is not the best alphabet student. This is why when we ask him what the 5th letter is, he hesitates for a long time “Euuuuuuuuuuuh”. Well done Toto, that’s exactly it.

There’s spelling and spelling

The teacher asks Toto to spell the word “mouse” for him. Easy calls himself Toto “S, o, u, r, i” he says. “But anyway, and at the end? – At the end she has a tail.” Ah well yes, everything is explained.

So that’s the explanation

It’s Toto’s story, he struggles to answer when we ask him which countries border France. The teacher, slightly annoyed, tells him that he hasn’t learned his geo lesson (she even adds “name of a pipe” to show her irritation). To which Toto proudly replies: “Yes, but from racking my brain, I have a memory lapse! “. What a rascal that one is.

Super eco-friendly this Toto

It’s the story of Toto who is in the middle of prep class. The class is asked to draw cows and Toto, who does not lack originality, turns in a blank sheet of paper, which calls out to the teacher: “Toto, why didn’t you draw anything? – There was no more grass because the cows ate it, but without grass the cows no longer have anything to do there, so they left.” How do you respond to that?

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