Top 20 best repartee in history by @Antho_Repartie

Lack of repartee is boring: we always think about what we should have said and we can’t sleep. In addition, it’s not easy to work on your repartee, you can’t learn it by snapping your fingers. But if you’re tired of never knowing what to say when you’re called a slob, then maybe you can take a peek into history for some inspiration. Just for you (and two or three other people), the account Repartee Anthology has compiled the best punchlines in history. It will give you a good base. And if you like you can even buy his book The art of blowing the nose.

1. A very great lady, this Marie

2. 1 everywhere the ball in the center

3. Poor gas station attendant who remained a gas station attendant

4. Hard hard for the people

5. Normally we do not attack the physical, but here we must admit that it slaps

6. It just makes sense

7. What class the great Jacques

8. Honest

9. Hush

10. “He wanted to be Caesar, he was only pumped”

11. Simple and effective

12. Ouch

13. Best counter punchline

14. He has an eye

15. Get a Room

16. Sayings to the ancestors

17. Definitely a cucurbit lover

18. He got up on the right foot

19. Put handcuffs on him

20. In the Teeth

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