Top 20+ best organic and natural sunscreens

More and more pleasant to use, organic sunscreens will accompany you during your summer getaways. Presentation of seven holiday-scented ranges, all formulated without nanoparticles. You’ll never look like over-scorched toast again, no. You can roast to your heart’s content with a clear conscience.

Respire is THE young brand to follow very closely! This sunscreen is 98% natural and is made in France. It resists well to water and avoids dumping a lot of yucky products in the oceans.
The bottle is recycled and recyclable, for an eco-friendly approach from start to finish.

Price : from 13.9 at Breathe

Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

The scent of monoi has always made us crack. But he also makes us burn. And since we don’t really like putting ourselves in the skin of breaded fish, we protect ourselves as much as possible. This cream has all the benefits you are looking for: monoi scent, UV protection and a 100% natural rate. Wow.

Price : from 14.26 at Santa Para

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Your thing is organic, nature and ecology (and we thank you for that). This sunscreen will stick to your skin (no pun intended) because not only is it ultra protective, it’s also made with natural ingredients. Its bonus, in addition to protecting against UV rays, is that it acts as anti-oxidants and anti-aging. What happiness.

Price : from 9.97 at Eclat Beauty

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100% mineral filters, that’s all Gamarde. This anti-aging sunscreen will protect you like never before, in a totally eco-responsible way. In addition, its small size makes it portable and practical. Everything small is cute as they say.

Price : from 11.51 at Cocooncenter

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Praia will be your best friend this summer. It will accompany you everywhere, all the time. He at least supports the blazing sun, not like your real BFF who runs to land under the parasols at the slightest thinning. OH, we forgot to specify, it is for children! And of course, 100% organic.

Price : from 21.5 at Yourboutic

1654277584 741 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

EQ cream has a lot of benefits. Get ready, the list is long: – it applies to the face as well as the body
– it is 50ml
– it uses mineral filters
– it is made in France
– is respectful of the seabed
– it is organic
Who says better ?

Price : from 20.95 at EQ Love

1654277585 667 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

And the children do you think about it?? So much aggression, we apologize. This protective spray designed for toddler skin is super effective and protects up to over 50 degrees. And then in addition, it is organic organic organic, what do the people want?

Price : from 17.15 at Naturalforme

1654277586 686 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

You almost want to eat it. Sorry, we got carried away. This cream, developed by scientists from the University of Lund in Sweden, will protect your face and body. It is natural and environmentally friendly. Everything we love.

Price : from 27.95 at Juvenilis

1654277587 489 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

MMMMMH, we breathe the good smell of Acorelle through the screen. Their organic protective sprays are effective, smell good and above all, are NATURAL. Its texture is fluid and transparent, so as not to become white snowmen.

Price : from 23 at Bien le Bio

1654277588 361 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

The Lavera organic spray is a favorite of organic lovers. It is labeled as is and also fights for animal welfare. Protector of your skin and also of your animals, isn’t that pretty?

Price : from 67.5 at LOW PRICE

1654277588 464 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

The Biosolis spray is practical because small then it is a “pschit pschit”. It is applicable on the face and body, and resists very high temperatures. All this in a natural and eco-responsible context and production.

Price : from 23 at

1654277589 120 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

Tanning is good but when this tan is uniform it’s better isn’t it? This is what Propos’Nature assures, and I quote their cream: “facilitates an even tan, restores vitality and freshness to the skin while protecting it from premature ageing”. Plus it’s organic, what more do you need?

Price : from 18.49 at Karibi

1654277591 794 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

“Beauté Simple”, as they say, you don’t need 3 tons of foundation to be pretty, but that’s not the point. Here we are talking about protecting yourself from UV, in a natural way. Challenge taken up by this organic brand.

Price : from 30 at Slow Cosmetics

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Straight from the laboratories of Biarritz, a magnificent French coastal city, this cream is super effective and contains ingredients with a nourishing effect. Namely: aloe Vera, a plant 7 times more hydrating than water. And natural.

Price : from 18.9 at DreamAct

1654277594 526 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

Have you ever seen a solid AND organic sunscreen? Well, that’s what the Comme Avant brand offers. With this mineral sunscreen with Moringa oil, your protection against sunlight will be as complete as it is solid.

Price : from 26.9 at Like Before

1654277595 36 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

This special face tinted sunscreen is suitable for all skin tones. In addition to protecting the planet, it will protect your youth. It is ideal for a tanned complexion: as if you came back from Marrakech when you’ve never been there.

Price : from 15.9 at Nocibe

1654277597 666 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

Endro offers a sunscreen that contains no chemical filters. It is organic and vegan, enough to suit the greatest number. Its mineral filters will protect you against UV rays leaving you, of course, a pleasant and protective finish on the skin.

Price : from 19.5 at Official Vegan Shop

1654277599 704 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

If I tell you: Karanja oil, Goji berries, Sunflower and Jojoba waxes, and mineral filter? Well yes, these are the components of Uvbio sun milk. Thanks to this 100% natural cocktail you will be protected, hydrated but above all soothed.

Price : from 19.95 at Boutiquebio

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Here is THE ideal organic cream for sensitive skin. It contains organic vine macerate straight from Mont-Blanc, it is respectful of the environment and contributes to the preservation of aquatic biodiversity. So if you’re as sensitive to sustainability as your skin is, here’s the secret to UV resistance.

Price : from 18 at GreenWeez

1654277601 600 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

Finding the right sun protection is not rocket science, even if it can turn into real investigations for some. But fortunately Patyka has THE magic formula, which will make all your worries disappear in one turn of sun spray.

Price : from 29.9 at Atida

1654277602 700 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

You are lucky because this cream with a mineral and natural composition is suitable for all skin types. Neither one nor two, and you have found the ally of your getaways in the sun thanks to Niu.

Price : from 19.95 at Natural baby

1654277603 649 Top 20 best organic and natural sunscreens

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