Top 20 Best High School Memories Tweets Are Far Behind Us

The high school years are a period that marks all adolescents. If you grew up in the 90s or 2000s, there are universal things that you must have known and these few tweets will take you back to childhood, that time when you prayed that the teacher would be absent while waiting in the hallways.

1. The famous leaf blow…

2. “I miss high school stuff: Number 1, 7 a.m. fights. That’s it.”

3. We checked the pants for stains

4. *lyrics to “Young, Wild & Free”* / Me totally sober in high school with a 10:30 p.m.

5. Routine turned

6. “When you forget to do your homework, remember it when you lay down and mentally debate whether you should do it or sleep.”

7. “Teacher: What’s going on? What’s that smell?” / Me at the back of the class:

8. Who was stressed about their TPE?

9. “The teacher’s sheet VS the photocopy she gives us”

10. At least they’re still stylish

11. “Do you remember at school when we spent the whole hour flipping through the textbook to turn a picture of an ugly person and say to his friend ‘that’s you?'”

12. Holy Story

13. “I hated when the teachers wrote “?” on the paper, in mode I know more than you what is going on”

14. This photo makes you want to cry

15. “Every time I think I’m stupid, I tell myself that at least I didn’t choose my university based on my boyfriend at the time”

16. We all have the same problems

17. “I remember in high school I was saving £1 of my £3 to buy my lunch so I could buy booze on the weekends and I realized I was better at saving money at school. ‘time than now’

18. “I think it’s crazy that couples I know from high school are now married. I’m definitely different from last week.”

19. Even today I don’t understand this delirium

20. “Nobody / The pictures I took in college”

Even if we all have some good memories of high school, we are still very happy that it is behind us. Never again hear the phrase “do you have your correspondence book?” “, it is still a pleasure.

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