Top 20 Best Easy Riddles

Please tell me that I was not the only child who was too bad to never find the riddles and to give the cat his tongue after 10 seconds? If, like me, you have experienced difficult birthday treasure hunts, here is something to restore your self-confidence, without having to go through the puzzles for children. And there, if you can’t find it, frankly, it’s hot, ask yourself the right questions…

1. The day before yesterday, Catherine was 17; next year she will be 20 years old. How is it possible ?

Yesterday was December 31, she turned 18. This year she will be 19 and next year she will be 20. On the other hand, no phew to be born at the end of December what.

2. During a bicycle race, a cyclist overtakes the second? He becomes…

Second. And not first (sorry if you got screwed).

3. I start at night and finish in the morning. Who am I ?

The “N”. Yes, it’s smart, had to think about it.

4. During an aperitif, 28 “Tchin” are heard. How many people are there?

8 because if person 1 toasts with person 2, person 2 does not toast with person 1. The calculations are good Kevin.

5. It lengthens and shrinks at the same time. What are we talking about ?

Of life because the more time passes, the more our life time decreases (go good evening huh).

6. What number do you get by multiplying all the numbers on a keyboard?

Zero because when you multiply any number by zero, the result is zero. Damn, college is a long way off…

7. When I’m cool, I’m hot. Who am I ?

The bread. Finally the one you eat, not the one you put on when you’re a bit fashed.

8. I turn a plant into a planet. Who am I ?

The letter “è”. The clever little ones.

9. A father and son are 36 years old between them. The father is 30 years older than his son.

33 years old because 33-3 = 30 and 33+3 = 36. Yes, I was quite strong in mental arithmetic at the time.

10. In April 1931, an advertisement in the newspaper stated “Major Smith, hero of the First World War” died in a road accident. Where is the fault?

In 1931, we did not know that there was going to be a Second World War.

11. Which is cheaper: inviting a friend to the cinema twice or inviting two friends to the cinema once?

Invite two friends because by inviting a friend twice, you pay four places while by inviting two friends, you only pay three places. #Stingy. Otherwise, going to the cinema alone is great too.

12. Two men are playing chess. They play five games and each wins three. How is it possible ?

13. Ten and ten, not twenty, but if we add fifty, we get eleven. How is it possible ?

We talk about the numbers of a watch because 10h + 10 = 10h10 + 50 = 11h.

14. I have 192 hens. Why does not the word “poule” get an “s ?

Because I have 1 – 9 – 2 chicken (a chicken egg).

15. On the way to the beach, you cross ten houses on your right and on the way back, ten houses on your left. How many are there altogether?

Ten because they are the same houses there and back.

16. In a pond there are ten fish, three that have swum away and four that are dead. How many left ?

Ten because they could never leave the pond. It’s emb-pond mdrrr.

17. A secret agent jumps out of a window of a five-story house and doesn’t hurt himself at all. How did he do it?

Even though the house has five floors, he was able to jump from the first. Not stubborn the guy.

18. I never breathe but I have a lot of breath. Who am I ?

A hair dryer. Or me when I go out in the street with my mask on.

19. He sees us grow old without saying anything because he is very polite. Who is he ?

The mirror. Finally, mine doesn’t betray me in the morning…

20. Your friend ended up in police custody for public drunkenness (yes, it happens). To release it, you must solve this code: 11BACK11BACK11.

Two returns among the six one (back among his own). In my opinion your/your buddy is still languishing in zonzon.

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