Top 20 animals of the abyss

The advantage with the abyssal depths of the ocean is that there is room for the little critters to grow. The problem is that there’s nothing to eat, no light, and no one is there to see what’s going on anyway. Suddenly we realize that Nature has given up a little and said to herself “What’s the point? », a bit like she has already done with the ugly insects. Plunged into the abyss with creatures worthy of a parade of not very pretty freaks taking more from the Alien movie than from the cute little animal.

1. The Goblin Shark

In the playground of sharks, everyone makes fun of him. Even the hammerhead shark has more friends than this failed cross between Pinocchio and Régine. His little extra: he can dislocate his jaw.

2. Ogrefish

Don’t panic, it’s true that the fish-ogre talks about it a little with its name but in real life it measures 16 cm. This little bugger. Its little extra: It is the animal with the largest teeth in the world, proportionally. So much so that the poor thing can’t even close his jaw.

3. The Big Swallower

His name looks like it came straight out of a Lovecraft book, and you’ll notice his face does too. Its little extra: Its stomach is so flexible that it can swallow prey 3 to 4 times its size.

4. Viperfish

Discovered in 1801, this ignoble scum of evolution does not interest anyone, not even scientists, so nothing is known about it. Its little extra: nothing.

5. The loudmouth shark

This plankton-eating shark is characterized by its large rubber-lipped head, like Lana del Rey. His little extra: he does not sing.

6. The pomegranate tree

If the Harry Potter saga happened among the sardines, the pomegranate would be Voldemort. Its little extra: you have probably already eaten it, since it is abundantly fished.

7. The Ghost

This little piece of cabbage with a transparent head belongs to the Opisthoproctidae family. In Greek, it means “who has the anus behind”. And we’re really happy for him. Its little extra: its eyes are tubular and allow it to look up without raising its head. Practice.

8. Hatchet Fish

In terms of sadness, this animal is super sad. Fortunately, his slightly swag name allows him not to be totally depressed, all alone at the bottom of the ocean. His little less: he had a friend Jojo the shrimp, but he ate him.

9. Scaled Dragon

You can always try to describe it in your own words, we will be satisfied with “very very ugly”. Its little less: We thought it breathed fire underwater or that it flew, but no, it’s not really a dragon. It’s just a fish with the Weasel’s goat.

10. Grandgousier

The grangousier tends to bring it back quite a bit because its large mouth allows it to swallow prey much larger than itself. What we answer him without hesitation: Maybe, but you have no arms. His little extra: he has a light bulb at the end of his tail, but no one really knows why.

11. Angler Fish

It had everything to be one more piece of waste, left on the sidelines of evolution, but the anglerfish has become one of the rock stars of the abyss, thanks to its luminous antenna which allows it to read the night. (And it’s always dark at 1000 meters deep.) Its little extra: Its antenna also attracts prey, which allows it to eat without having to move.

12. The Grimpoteuthis

Him, he drew the black ball in the genetic lottery. Some sort of flubber with budgie eyes and a dick instead of a nose. Its little extra: to swim, it can wiggle its ears, hence its English name “Dumbo Octopus”.

13. The Chimera

The first animal that looks more like a model for the next JJ Abrams than an actual sea creature. Its little extra: It is the only vertebrate with the remains of a third pair of limbs.

Top 20 animals of the abyss
Photo credits (Public Domain): SEFSC Pascagoula Laboratory; Collection of Brandi Noble, NOAA/NMFS/SEFSC

14. Uranoscopidae

When Gollum is constipated, it gives Uranoscopidae. Or when horror is held hostage by ugliness. Its little extra: it is very venomous and gives off electric shocks when it is angry. We would be too if we had his face.

15. The giant bathynome


16. Giant Squid

It’s like a small squid except it’s actually 20 meters long. And that it is fried with sperm whales. The little minus: It is very difficult to see. No finally, it’s a little more.

17. The Big Red

Tiburonia granrojo could very well be called “splourch bleuarg” but no. Physically, it is a simple ball of flesh from which protrude several red tongues bearing the sweet name of “mouth arms”. So. The little extra: Only 23 specimens have been observed to date.

18. Vampire of the Abyss

When nature has fun, it makes a soft parachute filled with teeth, something you don’t want to come across when you go swimming in La Baule. The little extra: This nasty monster of the seabed measures 30 cm. Maximum. The cutest of vampires.

19. The Lizard Shark

When the most horrible of eels meet the most monstrous of sharks, it gives you a tube of flesh to teeth. And it’s not jojo. The little extra: its gestation period can go up to 3 and a half years, the longest among vertebrates.

20. The Caulophrynidae

The Caulophrynidae, or when Nature gives up, disappointed. The little extra: Its name comes from the Greek and means “Trunk Toad”, which is quite accurate.

Top 20 animals of the abyss
Photo credits (CC BY-SA 2.5): The author could not be identified automatically. It is assumed to be: Tambja (given the copyright claim).

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